I wont give up!

Dylan held on tight, despite my body flinging like a mechanical bull. His light helped alot too, pushing out the extra globs that lodged in my throat. "I think thats all of it" Dylan panted."Did you get all of the goo?"

"Yeah, good work Dylan, you were a big help"

"I know" He chuckled "How do you feel Dessie?"

I wiped my mouth "Better, but if you don't mind, I think I need to rinse out my mouth"

"Right" He released his hold on me and Lilly passed me a glass of glowing liquid.

"The taste varies from person to person but it's usually pretty nice"

"Thanks Lilly but do you really think I can take your word on that?" I laughed

"Guesse not" She smiled "Drink up"

I hesitantly lifted the glass to mylips, sipping it slowly, Lemon? Orange? Strawberries? This tastes wonderful! Like a fresh summers morning!

Before I knew it, the glass was empty and I felt alot stronger.

"What did it taste like?"

"Strawberries, orange and lemon, just like a fresh summer morning" I beamed

Lilly smiled "Good, your strength is peaking"

"And if I can see right, her glow is coming back" Cam smiled

"Dessa's back!" the twin's hi-fived

The twins...oh my goodness! David and Daniel! "Guys, where are David and Daniel?"


"You know, the twins that were with Hannah and Nicki, I havn't seen them in ages!"

"Oh, uh....they're not here"

"What do you mean?"

"They switched teams" Logan spoke from the corner

"Hannah and Nicki?"

"In a tree base not too far from here, working their magic to build a barrier"

"Are you okay Logan?"

"Not really"

"Whats up?"

"The fight has him down, he's been stuck in command now that....and they were very close" Dylan rolled his eyes and muttered something I couldn't quitemake out...Drama queen maybe?


"Don't worry Dessa, everythings cool" Cam smiled but I knw that he was just as scared as me.

Foolish girl, your hope is wasted. Xavior is never coming back. Just give up.

"I wont give up!"


"I won't give up! I won't!"

The End

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