It felt like hours before they stopped, my body lying limp on the bed. "Aradessa? Are you there?"

"You lied"

"What?" Lilly sounded shocked

"You said it would only hurt a bit"

I could hear the light chuckles, glad that I could make that kind of sarcastic remark.

"I did say might, how do you feel?"

"Like my body's about to shatter, my heart hurts oh and my heart is aching too, other than that, I'm good"

"I'm sorry Dessa"

"Not your fault, it's Kivuli whos gonna pay, I'll kick his shadowy behind from here to kingdom come"

"Your sounding more like yourself already"

"Dylan, you shouldn't be in here"

"Like I care, I needed to see Dessie" I felt his hand rest on mine "How you holdin' up?"

"Better than I felt a few hours ago, how long were you guys...."

"All night, sorry Dessa, we couldn't leave the infection, it coulda got worse"

"What infection? The black goo?"

"She was coughin' up black goo?"

"Yeah, since she spent a few hours in the darker bedroom and then Kivuli...I'll explain later"

"Okay" Dylan turned to me "Your light seems fine now so I guesse that means I can rag on ya' for collapsing you little squirt"

I laughed "I've been collapsing a little much lately, just call me a damsel in distress"

"Speaking of lights, can you turn yours down? Your giving me a headache man" Cam complained, sarcastically holding his head.

"Sorry dude"

I looked at Dylan, focussing on the space around him and my head felt slightly overwhelmed before it registered it "Wow, Dylan, how come your so...."

"Natural Light rider, what can I say? I was born to lead" he beamed


"Yeah, turns out, that I've been chosen to lead the light riders, since I have the brightest light"

"If Aradessa joined, she'd be in charge"

"Another reason to not join" I sighed and then felt an ache in my gut "Lilly? I think I need to..."

"Dylan back off! You don't wanna be near this"

Black globs of goo dropped from my mouth, making me feel better with each release.

"Hang in there Dessa, you can do it"

"Oh my god. Is this the infection?"

"Yes Dylan but it's important that we stay calm, extending our light. She needs to heal"

My back began to flop but the goo wouldn't stop, I knew I'd fall.

Dylan wrapped his arms around me from behind "I got you Dessie, just breath, keep calm and let it out, we're here for you"

The End

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