My feet dragged on the way back and eventually Kaz and Daz carried me, both exchanging worried looks. "We're almost there Aradessa, just a few more steps"

I saw it then, HQ looked hectic, more tents, more people and alot of lights. "Guys! We could use a little help over here!"

I saw several heads snap up and two easily recognisable faces came over "Kaz, Daz, where did you find her?" Cam demanded

"She was running in  our direction, at first I thought she was a shadow but then...."

"Her light is seriously low, we need to take her to the tent, now" t was seriously strange to hear the ever timid Nicki to be giving orders.

Thetwins ran withme toward the central tent, the gazeebo. It seemed to be converted now into an infirmary.

"Lay her down, I'll get Lilly. Cam, you guys know what to do"

They set me down and Nicki left "Aradessa, can you open your hand forme please, I need to see if it's infected"

I opened my palm and looked into it, my eyes began to sting "Xavior gave you his amulet"


"Kivuli'spowers will be alot less effective without it and his power to tune into your thoughts will be close enough to dormant"

"But Xavior wouldn't do that unless..."

"Guys, enough, you should be creating a light sheild, Aradessa, you need to relax, this may hurt a little"

Lilly. I nodded.

" Guys, lets start, I am truly sorry Aradessa."

Even though Lilly had said it wouldn't hurt that much, I could tell she was trying to comfort me and when they began to create the light sheild, I new why.

My body began to thrash and turn, screams escaping my lips. "Kaz, Daz, hold her down"

I felt my arms and  legs being pinned to the bed and I resisted them, my insincts tel me to get them off at all costs.

I screamed again and again, the pain I've felt throughout the past two years swelling to the surface. "Stop!" I screamed "Please! Stop!"

"Keep going, don't let go"

My chest felt crushed, my limbs going limp, my head cracking in two....

My body lurched up and I began to vomit, black globs of goo dropping to the floor

I screamed

The End

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