Thank goodness

My strides grew longer,  my pace quickening as I ran for my life, by now the shadows will have figured it out, Kivuli is tryng to escape and Xavior is fighting for me.

I heard a deafening wail and pushed myself further, they were trying to scare me, that was a warning, easily translated as: we're coming.

I can't give up, I can't  let anything else go wrong because of my faults, this will end but I'll need some help. The familiar shapes of the more familiar trees and greenery were metres away, I could smell the fresh flowers blooming, hear the song of the dinichi bird...."Not so fast shadow" I stopped, a shadow? "Go right back to where you came from and while your at it, tell your master that we're coming"

I saw his shape in the trees and looked around, there aren't any....oh.

"Kaz? I-Is that you?"

"How do  you know my name shadow?"

"Shadow? What are you talking about? It's me, Aradessa"

"Do not lie, you have...." his voice faltered "No way. It really is you"

"Please Kaz, I've just ran from the shadow's.....kindom? I think their not far behind and to be honest ....." I felt my limbs go weak, my muscles retracting

"Guys! Come here! Aradessa's back!"

I felt Kaz put his arm around my shoulders to support me, another arm coming from the other side "Kaz, I dont like how pae she looks and her glow has dimmed..."

"I know Daz, I knw but if we can get her to Cam and Dylan, they cn figure something out"

"No doubt Lilly has a few ideas herself"

"Hannah and Nicki too, they'll probably know by now, thans to the wind messages"

"Thats good, it means that hey'll be ready for us"

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Dont worry Aradessa, just focus on breathing okay?"


The End

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