I gulped as I entered the dining room, the table was longer than the ball room, filled with well dressed shadows in dark, rich colours. Kivuli walked to the head of the table and sat in the chair, motioning for me to sit in the one beside him. I did as I was told.

"Tonight we feast to rejoice in the return of out lord and master!" cheering errupted from the table, showing scarier forms, mis-shapen, distorted features, making it look like they were in pain. My eyes widened a little but I held my breath, refusing to show how very much it scared me as the room grew darker.

"Alright everyone, thats enough." Kivuli stood and chuckled "I couldn't have asked for a better home coming party, but it was made that much better by the presence of My Princess" he looked to me, winked and returned to gaze at the crowd. "My Princess and I would like to announce something...."

I stared at him, confused. An announcement? He didn't mention anything to me.

"My Princess and I will be married within the month, to join the shadows and the purest of lights in a bond as old as time"

Did he just say marriage? to him?

"You have got to be kidding me! There is no way that I will ever marry you!"

I tried to rise in my chair but something kept me down and no matter how much I struggled, I couldn't move.

"You'll have to excuse my fiance, she's a little over excited."

"As i-" I felt a cold hand clamp over my mouth, not allowing me to speak.

"You may all feast to your hearts' content butI have promised my queen that she could speak to a certain someone"

Kivuli picked me up but I still could not move or speak, I heard cheers and insult being shouted across the table and I realised that the whole civilised thing was only a ruse. Kivuli shut and locked the ball room doors and plopped me down onto the floor, my eyes tearing. "Xavior is very eager to see you, but I will grow impatient,do not try to get Xavior to hold me back, or else."

All this time, he's been lying! His smiles, his kind words....all of it! I thought I had finally figured him out, that he wasn't so evil afterall, that maybe I could reason with him....I've never been more wrong in my life.

A bright light shone, a cruel smile dissapearing with a kinder, more loving one, violet transforming into blue.

The light vanished and there stood Xavior. He looked at me, gasped and ran to my side, hugging me, appologising "I am so sorry Aradessa, I love you so much"

I couldn't stop the tears that flowed down my cheeks, Xavior kissed me, stroking my hair and holding me in a way that I felt so safe, it brought on a new round of tears.

"Whats wrong Aradessa? What did he do to you?"

"He's going to....he's going to make me marry him"

"What? He can't do that! I wont let him, ou have to run Aradessa, you have to escape, we've got minutes before I have to fight him, you have to go!"

"No, I can't leave you!"

He pressed his lips to mine, a final goodbye "I promised to not let anyone hurt you and though I made the promise to be with you no matter what personality, it'd kill me if Kivuli had you, your not his to marry"

"Xavior I...."

"Go Aradessa! Run and don't look back!"

"I love you" Xavior held my hand, placing an object in it

He closed my fingers and kissed them "I love you too Aradessa, now run!"

I got up and did as he said, running faster than I ever had, I forced the door open with my magic and pushed myself foward, pushing through the trees that seemed to be trying to hold me back. "Just a little further" I encouraged myself "Just a little bit more"

The End

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