"This is my...general so to speak, he deals with the guards"

"Vey well might I add" he smiled "How do you like it here m'lady?"

"It's a little...." I stopped, best behavior "It's interesting"

The general smiled "Yes, it's a bit dark though, probably a little too dark for your liking"

Is this guy getting me to say it?

"She's been acustomed to the forest General, she can see with briliancy"

"Of course" he bowed "It was good to meet you."

"The pleasure was entirely mine" I gritted my teeth, this guy was fishing for me to say that I didn't like the dark, why?

The general walked off and dissappeared into the crowd

"He's trying to identify a weakness, if he exposes it, he can create a strategy, not knowing for certain drives him insane" he whisperedto my ear, chuckling "Only I can know and I intend to keep it to myself"

I looked up at him "Why are you being so nice to me? I swear we're supposed to be...."

"Enemies? Yes well, sometimes I don't even understand my dear but your laugh, your smile, your temper and ability to shout at me, throw attacks at the shadows and not even be tired....besides that, I feel a strong pull towards you, a pull I cannot distinguish, but a pull that is very pleasant"

"Are you talking about destiny?" I stifled a laugh, so much for the bad guy!

He chuckled "In a way, yes, I suppose I am" Kivli's head snapped up "Come on, it's time for dinner" he wrapped his arm around my waist and walked across the grand expanse of the hall.

"How did you know....?"

"I heard something only shadows can, do you want to hear?" he smiled

"S-Sure" he stopped and put two fingers on either side of my head, resting on the temples.

"Breath" he instructed, now, open your mind, let it flow....

Dinner is being served in the grand hall, please take your seats remebering to sit in ranks

I heard it! I actually heard it!

Kivuli smiled, his eyes not nearly as bitter a before, amused yes, but he seemed different....

"Come on then, I'll let you keep the connection, but only when we both want you to hear okay?"

"Alright" I shrugged as if it didn't matter, but it was facinating, hearing a secret message......

The End

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