I got to the bottom of the stairs and felt someone grab my shoulder, a man in black with silver hair....."Collin"

"My lord has asked that I escort you to his throne immediately" he linked arms with me, leading me through the crowd of staring faces that seemed to emminate darkness.

"Why is everyone staring?"

I saw Collin's mouth twitch "The glow from your aura is exceptionaly bright my lady, even in this atmosphere"

I nodded, surely that would help me here, it means I have enough power to stay in the light, though I'm a walking beacon.

I saw the throne then, hesitating as I saw Kivuli smile and gesture for me to come to him. Collin handed me off and I stood beside Kivuli, cringing as he kissed my hand.

"You look breath taking My Princess, red suits you"

I forced a smile "I suppose it does, thank you" I kirtseed "Though I must admit that I prefer blue" I touched my amulet.

Kivuli chuckled "They both highlight your beauty, but neither comapare to the colour of you eyes."

I nodded "Thank you"

Kivuli stood up and took my hand "Care to dance?"

"I'd love to" Kivuli lead me onto the dance floor and put his other hand on my hip, I put mine on his shoulder. "You do realise I have no idea how to dance?"

Kivuli smiled "It's all in the leading"

The music started and to my surpise, I waltzed like I'd been doing it forever....I twirled and stepped in time, not once faltering or stepping on Kivuli's feet. I let a giggle of joy escape my lips, making Kivuli smile, it was not his company, nor was it the dress or grand was the surprising clarity that I delivered my steps with, like the memories I had forgotten.

The music ended and we bowed/kirtseed to our partners. "It was easier than you imagined wasn't it?"

"I didn't think I knew how to waltz" I smiled a little more genuinely now

Kivuli smiled "The grace that you hold cannot be halted in dance, it lets it all out"

"Well, though I hate to admit it, it was fun, thank you Kivuli"

Kivuli bowed and kissed my hand "The pleasure was all mine"

"Who's your friend my lord?"

Kivuli looked at me


"Pleased to meet you m'lady"

The End

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