I can do this

Ashiana walked in, smiling at first, Kivuli talked to her in another language.....spanish maybe? Ashiana nodded and Kivuli left.

"Master Kivuli has requested that I dress you in the dress he sees fit"

"And what dress would that be?"

She smiled kindly "Do not worry, I would not use it unless it was appropriate. If you could stand miss, then we will start"

I cringed but stood, walking to where Ashiana was. "Okay then, lets get started"

I'm sure Ashiana could hear the tone of my voice quiver as she smiled reassuringly before setting to work, doing measurements and undressing me.

"Miss, if you could lift your arms....thank you"

I felt the soft fabric stroke my skin on the way down, so smooth and remarkabley comforting.

"Now for the hair" I kept my eyes closed as she did my hair make-up and everything else, I though that if I saw it, I might go biserk and because I so desperately want to talk to Xavior....that wouldn't have been good.

"You can open your eyes now miss"

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, my mouth hanging open slightly. The dress was a rich red, strapless silk and draped around my frame, slightly fluffing out. My hair was curled, my lips shiny and a small amount of mascara enphasising my lashes. My shoes had a small heel, the red as rich as the dress.

"Wow" I hated to admit it but I loved it

"You like it miss?"

I nodded "It's so elegant....."

Ashiana smiled "I'm glad, now you'd best make your way down. The master will be waiting with baited breath"

I sighed "Thank you Ashiana"

I walked out of the door and forced my feet foward as I caught a glimpse of the surroundings, tiled mosaic floor, candles, silk curtains and furniture....and then I saw the stair case and gulped, it wasn't just dinner, it was a ball.

I griped the bar and slowly made my way down, giving off an air of faulse confidence I can do this, I lied, I can do this.

The End

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