My thoughts were a jumble of pictures, sounds and memories, mostly Xavior, his smile, his laugh, his relentless obsession to annoy me....I felt alone in the darkness, my friends left without Xavior, the unspoken leader, how would they cope? How would I cope?

I'm not going to let my love die out, Xavior is in there somewhere, if I can strike something, a memory, a strong feeling.....maybe I can get him back.

Then thats what I'll do, I will fight for Xavior, and I will win.

"My princess? Oh good, your awake"

I felt his arms around me, stroking my hair, I cringed mentally, deciding to act dumb "Xavior?" I whispered "Whats going on?"

"Your safe now, thats all that matters. Xavior is not here but I will protect you, I promise" I felt a slight pressure on my head, he kissed my hair.

My eyes widened, as if I only just remembered last night and I let the shock hit me, making me freeze.

"Hush now, I wont hurt you, my princess"

"Why do you call me that?"


"Why do you call me your princess?"

"I have promised to never leave your side, as a loyal servant, I serve you"

"Then bring back Xav-" I choked, why couldn't I say his name?

"It's alright, just an after affect of being here so long, I'm afraid you can't use names like his without immense physical and mental pain to both you and the person"

I felt a singualr tear trickle down my cheek, not wanting to believe I could never speak his name again.

"Shhhh, it'll all turn out right, just you wait, I have big plans for the both of us"

I didn't like the way he said 'the both of us' "What plans?"

"It's a secret, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised though" he lifted my chin and kissed my cheek so softly, I was sure it was Xavior.

"You must be hungry, there will be dinner soon. Ashiana will dress you"

"Dress me?!" I struggled in his arms

"Yes, you certainly cannot wear that to dinner, however cute you make it look" I carried on struggling "Hmmm, how can I get you to behave yourself? I know! If you behave tonight I will allow you to see and talk to Xavior for a little while"

I stopped. The temptation to hear his voice again, to have him hold me...."You promise?"

"I promise"

"Swear on your essence"

He chuckled "I swear on my essence I will allow you to see Xavior within the morrow if you behave yourself tonight"

"Fine" I muttered, I have to see him, to appologise at least.

"Good girl" he kissed my cheek "Ashiana! Prepare her!"

The End

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