I was on a bed, but not mine, it was soft, silk and a four poster. "Where am I?" I turned to see the rest of the room, a wardrobe, table, mantle, balcony, toys....

My eyes rested on Conner and Bree, I scowled "Where am I!?"

"At the castle of shadows" Bree awnsered dryly


"Our lord and master is attached to you, we hardly had a choice to leave you in the forest where you could be eaten or hurt. He would be angry to lose his object of affection"

I scowled with more force and tried to get up "Untie me!"

"You'd only run away and there are lots of people eager to kill you, pure princessa"

"I'll take my chances! So help me, if Xavior is hurt in any way, you'll wish my parents had erradicated you last time!"

"Calm down Aradessa, we all are anxious"

"Anxious?! I'm fuming! Now untie me so I can-"

I saw a violet glow from the shadows "NO!"

"Master!" Bree exclaimed in evident delight

"My lord" Collin bowed

Kivuli smiled "My friends, how I have missed you" he turned to look at me "Aradessa, you look as lovely as ever"

"Bite me" I hissed

Kivuli laughed "Your temper is so adorable, Bree, Conner can you make sur everything is in order? I wan't to speak to my princess alone" they left without another word, leaving me with Kivuli.

"I am sorry about the handling issue, Bree and Conner did not know if I wanted you dead or not. I also appologise for the noises, they make your heart ache with so much pain...."

"Get the hell out of my head!"

"I can't, our detinies are one, right" he lifted my chin and stared into my eyes "I promised, we promised, whatever personality, we stay together. You cannot go back on your word, your heart forbids it"

"My heart, my rules. I decide my future"

"If thats true..." he pressed his lips to mine, stroking my hair, my arms, my waist.

No! I cannot kiss him back! I wont! I will get him back for losing Xavior!

But my lips had a mind of their own, moving with Kivuli's.

"Xavior and I are one person my princess, you have not lost anyone"

"Get off of me! I hate you!"

He stroked my cheeks, wiping away the tears as he untied my wrists.

I kicked and punched him, I even shot at him with some lightning, but he held on, smiling at me.

"Sleep, my princess" my struggles grew weaker as my thoughts drifted toward unconciousness.

The End

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