The scenes of carnage raced through my mind, making me scream.

"Cut it out Bree, she's had enough" why was Connor saying this?

"Have a soft spot for her do you? How sweet"

"Hardly but the prophecy is very clear and his highness is very attached, I doubt he'll like it if someone messes with her"

I heard Bree sigh "Kivuli had better hurry up, we need his verdict"

The pain eased but I could not forget the screams.

"Well if you remember, Xavior was always stubborn. He wont give up without a fight"

"Is he still...."

"Yeah, he's still thrashing about."

I tried to contact Xavior Keep fighting my message hit a wall.

"It seems she can hear us, she's just tried to contact Xavior"


Tears flowed down my cheeks, Xavior had to win, he had to!

"Bree are you doing anything?"

"No, I stopped when you told me. She must be wrestling with her conciousness"

"It won't be pretty when she wakes up"

"She's too weak to fight, her glow has dimmed, see?"

"Your right. But somehow I think she'll have the strength to yell at us, the electric light she shot at me just about burned my arm off and that move reflects your temper, she'd only just begun to discover her powers" I could hear him shudder

"Well in this state, I doubt she can do anything"

I forced my eyelids open and gasped at the scene around me, my heart jumped into my mouth.

The End

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