Even though Starlight was faster than...actual starlight, it felt as though we were moving in slow motion.

I heard a laugh echoe from around us "You'll be too late little princess, the darkness is coming"

"Thats what you think!" I leant foward "Keep going Starlight! As fast as you can!"

Starlight got faster and I felt quite queasy but I kept my head, ignoring the laughter directed at me. "You'd better hurry"

I scowled Xavior, if you can hear me, than I want you to do something, resist the shadows until I get there. I'm on my way.

Aradessa, where are you? I'm not sure I can hold on, my head hurts so much

Hold on Xavior, just hold on

My chest! I heard his yell of pain and felt the tears rush down my cheeks

You hold on Xavior! We have our entire lives ahead of us, together. I can't have a wedding without my best man, please hold on, for me, for us.

We entered a small clearing "What a speech princess but I'm afraid your too late, Xavior is being absorbed by the darkness" I looked past him to see Xavior writhing in pain "He's trying to resist, thinks he has a chance bless him." Connor and Bree became visible.

"You leave Xavior alone!" I felt the power build in my chest

Bree snickered "Your as stubborn as ever little princess but you cannot change the future"

"I can and I will!" I felt the light brew up but nothing came out, instead, an overwhelming sadness dawned on me.

"It hurts doesn't it, the lives lost trying to protect you, the lives that will be lost" Lilly, Hannah, Nicki, Cam, the twins and all of my friends flashed through my mind, then I heard their screams "That is your future Princess, don't think you can escape it"

No! I sobbed, being broken apart by the pain No.....!

The End

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