Bad feeling

"Ever? But Xavior and I have amulets"

"Shhh" he pulled me into the marble house, the twins following

"They were probably forged when you two were born, it's no coincidence that you and Xavior are being pulled back together, your desitny is defined"

"My destiny?"

"Your and Xavior's, your always unconciously going toward eachother, see how you prefer to face east? It's because Xavior is in that direction, you'll probably see him on the way home" he nodded, working out the weird goings on. "And I bet Kivuli's appeared once or twice right? He's part of the connection, part of your past, Kivuli-"

"Kivuli's future is undefined" Daz whispered


"He's becoming clearer, standing on the peak, waiting with a cruel smile, his hair as black as midnight, a singular streak of blonde in the breeze" Daz gripped his head

"Daz don't hurt yourself, share the vision" they connected hands and began to speak together

"It's so cold, so dark and dangerous, he waits for her, the one to release him, his other half." they disconnected

"We haven't done that in a while"

"Not since Aradessa disappeared,"

"it was too weak to judge"

"Now we know"

"Kivuli is returning, soon"

"How soon is soon?" Cam asked

"The blue moon is all we could make out, a full blue moon"

The prophecy I gasped A noble's birthday, but thats.....

"Don't tell Xavior, don't tell anyone what hapened today, keep your amulets hidden and trust me when I say that I'm your last chance" I felt the power in my voice

"We understand"

I ran outside and mounted Starlight "Back to HQ, I have a bad feeling"

The End

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