The place shone like the first light of day, built in silver, gold, bronze and one building in Rose quartz. I trotted through an archway- holding onto Starlight for reassurance and entered the expanse of space. "Wow"

"Aradessa?" I recognised Cam's beaming face from across the feild. He smiled and ran over.

"Hey Cam" I laughed

"What brings you here then?"

"The twins" I smiled

"The twins?" I noticed that his smile was now forced.

"Well yeah, I missed their birthday last year and I figured that I'd give it to them early"

"Oh" he smiled in relief "This way" I dismounted Starlight but kept my hand on him, he seemed tense.

I looked at the houses around us, some were in the trees just like HQ others were ornately arranged "This really is beautiful" I sighed "Everything shines so bright, it's amazing"

"Thank you Dessa" he smiled "I guesse I shouldn't be surprised that you saw the glow, or that you found us so easil especialy with Starlight's help"


"Only people with light in their hearts can find the camp on their own, or at all for that matter. Other beings tend to shy away from it, it's too bright"

Is that why Xavior didn't come with me?

Cam smiled "Enough of that seriousness. Daz! Kaz! Aradessa's here to see you!"

"Coming!" well, sounds like their voices have broken. They stepped out of the Marble house and smiled at me, they were much taller than before, their hair still red and scruffy, their build alot more like a teenager's.

"You two look so grown up!" I smiled

"Thats because we are, we'll be 17 soon...."

"Which reminds us...."

"Dont you still owe us from last year" I giggled when they spoke together.

"Thats why I'm here" I beamed "Xavior said that you'd prefer seeing how it happened, so, are you ready?"

"Yes!" they smiled

I closed my eyes and concentrated, thinking about the warm glow, my familly, my friends, my hope and dreams.


"Thats amazing!"

I felt the power release and I opened my eyes, the two rings were in my hand. To my surprise they levitated and flew to a twin who watched in amazement as it landed in their palm.

"Our own amulets!" Daz hugged me

"Your amazing!"  Kaz joined in the hug

"Thank you Aradessa!" they spoke together with equal amounts of joy.

"Your very welcome" I laughed as they released me.

"Aradessa, do you realise what you just did?"

"Um, I made the twins a gift....?"

"You created an amulet" Cam corrected "No-one has ever had the ability to do that, ever"

The End

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