Kivuli's tainted dream ran through my head. I had thought it was a beautiful dream, a sure sign of what I should do but after what he told me, could I go through with it?

The sun shone through my curtains and I found that I didn't want to get up, people would be talking about the engagement, constantly asking if I accepted.

I changed into jeans and a top, lacing my boots in case I decided to go in the forest to train, alot of monsters are in there so solid shoes that you can run and fight in are always good to wear.

I jumped from the window, swinging off branches as I'd practiced countless times. I was just about to land when, thump Xavior caught me.

"Good morning" he beamed, "How did you sleep?" I guesse he didn't remember what happened last night afterall, it didn't make it less awkward for me though.

"Okay I guesse"

"The first night backs always tough" he agreed "it takes time to get used to it"

"Can you put me down now? I'd like to actually feel the ground"

Xavior laughed and put me down, brushing the hair from my face "It seems like only yesterday you were a helpless little baby, and now in less than a week, you'll be sixteen"

I swallowed, not wanting to think about how scary it was, how he beamed when he said it.

"What are you doing today?"

"I was thinking I'd go see the light riders, I still owe Daz and Kaz for last year"

His smile faded a little "What are you going to give them?"

Didn't think of that I concentrated, a warm glow filling my heart and then I opened my palm.

"Magic rings" Xavior nodded "Very appropriate, though I'm sure they'd love to see you create them"

The rings disappeared "Yeah, I suppose. Starlight!" I heard the loud clapping of hooves, reminding me of thunder

"Get out the way! Unicorn on the loose!"

Starlight skidded to a stop infront of me and put his forehead on mine "I missed you too starlight." I laughed "Do you think you could give me a lift?"

Starlight nodded his head and bowed so I could climb on "I'd like to go to the light rider's camp please"

"Aradessa, hold up!"


Xavior kissed my cheek and touched his amulet "Hurry back"

"I will, promise"

Starlight took off without any other warning and shot through the trees, faster than a bullet, like a shooting star.

I could see a light up ahead and we charged towards it, Starlight growing more eager with every gallop. Starlight slowed to a walk and I looked on in awe.

The End

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