I won't!

Xavior made sure I got home alright, Lilly promised to keep me safe which lulled his nerves slightly.

I changed into a nightie and marvelled at how nothing had changed, home sweet home.

I layed back on the bed and fell asleep instantly.

A flurry of pink and white petals fell down on me, caressingmy cheeks in the light breeze. The petals cleared slightly and I walked down the cobbled path, following a beautiful piece of music. I caught sight of Xavior, his hair loose but tidy, wearing a suit that would break any girls heart. He streched his hand out so I walked closer and took it. His smile was soft and sweet, his eyes reflecting the images before him. "You look beautiful my princess" I blushed and looked down to see a white dress on me, intricate, elegant embroidery and my hair, curled with a tiara. "I love you"

I woke up, surprised it was still dark, I tried to sit up and failed. My eyes focussed and I saw why, a pair of violet eyes stared back at me.

"Kivuli, get off me, what are you doing here?"

Kivuli smiled "You can talk then" I blinked a few times, I did just talk

"Apparently yeah, now, get off"

He pinned my arms to the bed "Not until you awnser my question, why didn't you awnser Xavior?"

"I...it's none of your buisness!"

"Contrare, it is. Is it that you were too nervous? Did the singing wear you out? Or perhaps it was the crowd? No, I know, Your scared"

"Dont be ridic-"

"Don't deny it, because I can sense it, the fear you radiate when I mention it, when the thought of a permanent fixture crosses your mind. When Xavior says I love you, you tremble, wanting to believe him but too scared to hope for something more. You seem alot more comfortable around me though, you don't try to be anything, you let it out. It's good to let your feelings out, like now for example"

He pressed his lips to mine, moving them until they parted, I struggled and he held me tighter. No! Get off of me!

You know you don't mean that, you can't stop yourself from thinking about it, the dream you had, Xavior's eyes glowed faintly of violet, didn't they, my beautiful princess.

Tears streaked down my cheeks as the image came into full view, the faintly violet eyes, the confident aura, it was only half Xavior, Kivuli was there too.

He moved so his head was only inches from mine "Don't worry, Xavior won't remember this, he'll only think of happy things. Like a dream" I cringed at the proximity.

"Get off, leave me alone Kivuli, your wasting yourtime because I won't give in"

"We shall see, but remember, when the blue moon centres the birth of a noble, things will change"

Kivuli disappeared out of the window and I lay there, in shock as I cried. Kivuli got out so easily, he controlled Xavior's body, his voice......i touched my lips and thought about how powerful i felt....I cringed. Stupid shadow tricks, I won't gove into him, I won't!

The End

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