I was speechless, my voice refusing to come out. I...I can't talk......I tried to say something, anything at all but it came out mute. My eyes widened "Aradessa?"

I mouthed the words "I can't talk!"

"Oh" he blushed, embarressed now "You can tell me when your ready Aradessa, I don't mind waiting" his eyes were soft and understanding and he embraced me, sharing his warmth.

I looked around to see that we were alone, everyone had left. "They wanted to leave for the awnser, to give us some privacy"

I bowed my head guiltily, tears now flowing like a waterfall I'm hurting him again, I can't believe I'm being so-

Xavior kissed me, cutting off my silent tears completely "You listen to me Aradessa, I love you with all my heart and no matter how long, I'll wait for you. You could never hurt me by doing what you feel is right and I will follow you to the ends of the earth so please don't beat yourself up."

I sighed and nodded, how did he know that I'm blaming myself? I eyed him skeptically, he shrugged and smiled

"It's a link between your amulets, now wherever you are, you can talk you eachother"
"Thanko mamma" I hugged her tightly, my smile shining brighter than the sun.
"Whatever you need to get across, open your mind and heart, he'll listen"
"Lucky me" he was arrogant, even back then but he took my hand willingly every time "Come on Aradessa, let's play"

My eyes widened as the memory replayed in my mind, I touched my amulet and stared at his.

Minds connected by love are your only weapon, but temtation slowly creeps in, beware the green and black for they spell the ultimate end.

A prophecy sent to me like this is kinda scary but if I tell Xavior, he might go nuts. I have to keep quiet, oh, too late.

The End

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