Xavior didn't let go of my hand, even when faced with the crowd once again.

"Guys, I know why Aradessa left and it was a nobe reason, her intentions were to protect, not to harm."

I saw the eye rolling "Can we hear this reason from Aradessa?"

Xavior looked down at me with a reassuring smile. "I heard a prophecy, from the twins," Xavior froze "And then I had a warning, a shadow sent a message through one of the twins, saying that they would follow me, hurting everyone I cared about. I panicked, I didn't think, I just ran, I couldn't let any of you be hurt because of me. I'm sorry if I did the opposite of what I intended and I promise to make it up to all of you"

I felt huggs coming at me from all directions, murmered reassurances echoing in my ears. "Aradessa, your acts were wrecklace, you ran from your familly and now you expect us to forgive you....?"I looked up to see Logan in the corner, Lilly sscowling at him. "Okay then" he shrugged and smiled, joining the huddle.

The night progressed as any other free night would, laughing, joking, stories...and finally music. "Since she's been gone so long, how about Aradessa sings us a song?"

I shook my head as he pulled me onto the improvised stage. "Come on Dessie!"

"Yeah sing us a song!"

"I believe that settles it"

I sighed, my cheeks flushing crimson "Once upon a december?"

"The one from anastasia?" he smiled

"Yeah" Xavior nodded and struck the first chord. I began to pour my emotions into it, I wanted to regain my memories just like anastasia and maybe I can have my very own happy ending"

"Once, upon a dece-e-ember" I hit a high note and ended, my eyes slightly teary.

Cheering errupted and Xavior came to stand by me, warming my heart with his smile. "I love you" he whispered, his eyes sparkling. "I want to let the whole world know how I feel, Aradessa Collinsidana," he shifted to my side, sinking to the floor "Will you marry me?"

The End

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