"A-Aradessa, back there, b-before you said...did he come out?"

I blushed "Uh...Yeah, he did"

"I was afraid of that. Usually I just space out but I got some of it, like through a filter. He kissed you didn't he"

My cheeks burned scarlet.

Xavior sighed "I thought so, he's been trying to get out every time I see you, it's a pain. When you left he was pulling at me, he knew why you left, he told me that you wanted to draw away the shadows, to keep everyone from being harmed."

"H-He talked to you?"

"Yeah, in my dreams, they were vivid, I was in the only spot of light, the darkness slowly closing in, then he appeared. He looked so similar to me but his aura was....murky. Are you afraid of Kivuli?"

"As if! He's not scary at all, granted his eyes are a little freaky, like a snakes, they draw you in" I shuddered

Xavior nodded "It's like your unable to look away, like if you do, the world might end. It's a power as the head shadow, he uses it to gain allies and keep his subjects under control, I hated not being able to control it as a child, Kivuli found it amusing"

"I can look away though, it's his strength I'm worried about, how come you never stop me when I go to hit you?"

"Because most of the time I deserve it" he laughed, the mood changing completely.

"True. Oh yeah, something Kivuli said bothered me"

"What was that?"

"He said something about my light, that it was envigorating, what did he mean?"

"I'm not sure really, Kivuli has his own thoughts and he could have just been teasing you, he does that alot"

"I suppose...." I sighed Like he would tell me, it'd be easier getting a strait awnser  about the future from the twins.

"Do you want to freshen up? Your magic's kept you clean but...."

"Yeah, if thats okay"

"Theres something you can put on in my room, I'll put it by the door" he kissed my forehead. "Hurry back"

I rushed into the bathroom and turned on the shower It seems as though everything here is really old fasioned except for the bathrooms...then again, I don't fancy the older methods of hygeine myself. The ho water from the shower helped me alot, My once tangle mess of hair, dripped down my back, my entire body relaxed.

I got out of the shower and dried off. The door was open a crack and on the floor was a folded bit of fabric. I pulled it over my head and when I looked in the mirror, I blushed. It was a pink summer dress with spaghetti straps. The flowers were woven into the material so wonderfully, I allowed myself to stare at the dress, watching it twirl in all directions.

I stepped out of the bathroom, my hair still wet. "Aradessa, you can't go down like that, dimino fasaido" he pointed at me hair and with a brush of warmth I felt it brush against my back, it was dry.

"Perfectly strait" I murmured

Xavior took my hand and smiled "Pink suits you. Come on, their all waiting for you"

The End

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