"A-A year? But I was sure it'd only been a few days"

"And yet your spells have progressed and you have grown as if it had been much longer. Didn't you notice?"

"No, I was running all that time so I didn't come across a mirror and I havn't really used my magic except for just now"

"Days or months, I'm glad your back" he pulled me closer "The others will agree too I'm sure" he fiddled with my hair, taking me up in his arms, starting an incantation.

Something bright washed over me, a colourful light. Xavior took a step foward and we landed in the centre of HQ.


"She's back!"

Xavior smiled "Welcome home"

"Aradessa!" Lilly ran over to us, hugging me awkwardly, I was still in Xavior's arms.
"I've missed you so much! Don't ever do that to me again!"

"I wont, promise"

I saw Dylan's astonished face next, he was alot more grown up, taller than me by a long shot, his eyes seemed different too. "Dessa! You are in so much trouble squirt!" he hugged me.

"Sorry Dylan. I didn't want to-"

"-Yeesh, stop with the gulity vibes will ya? It's murder on the ego."

A power of his I sighed Wonderful.

Xavior chuckled "How do you think he knew you were planning to run off? he's not phsycick but he's close enough now, he might aswell be"

"Hey! That was gonna be a surprise!"

Xavior laughed "Sorry bro"

Bro? He's never talked to Dylan like that, ever, he usualy uses an insult or calls him Dareymons behind my back.

"It's okay, anyway I guesse we'll all get our chance to talk to you tonight but I'm sure Xavior wants to kidnap you, right kiddo?"

Xavior smiled "You say 'kidnap' like it's a bad thing. Ciao." Xavior walked off with me in his arms, getting closer to his house. He leapt up the tree without any trouble and he slung me inside so that I landed on his sofa.

"Whats...?" Xavior came over to me, he pulled me up and pressed his lips to mine with a feirceness that was completely new... I drew back, pulling in a jagged breath "Whats going on?" he pressed his lips to mine again, I looked into his eyes, they were violet! I struggled against his steely grasp, protesting with all my might.

He pulled away, smiling "Nice to meet you My Princess"

"K-Kivuli?!" my eyes were wide with shock, my body frozen with fear.

"How kind that my princess should already know my name" he stroked my cheek "I appologise for the introductions but I was hoping to drag an old memory from the closet of memories, it appears that I have merely stunned you" he laughed "Your much cuter, seeing you for myself, I guesse I know why he stays with you, your light is envigorating"

"G-Get away from me Kivuli! I'm warning you!"

He stroked my hair "It's all the same you know and I felt your heart beat, you were completely willing. We were made for eachother afterall, Xavior and I are one and the same, whenever he kisses you, thats me too."

"Bring Xavior back! I need to talk to him!"

"And why would that be?"

"Because I love Xavior!"

I looked up, expecting to see Kivuli, Xavior stared down at me, his cheeks glowing pink. "I love you too Aradessa."

I blushed, stupid Kivuli!

The End

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