No use

I ran as fast as I could but I knew Xavior was faster "Aradessa!" He was just behind the trees...I hid behind a huge oak and climbed upward. "Aradessa!" he entered the small space.

"Aradessa, I know your here, please, come home"

He didn't know how much I wanted to, I wanted to come home, to be with everyone I love, but I can't, because it's selfish.

"It's no use" Xavior slumped under the oak tree, his head in his hands.

"Get up and fight little prince!" Collin stepped out from the shadows, his body slightly stronger looking than the last time I'd seen him, it fit his personality at least.

Xavior stood up "Not now Collin, you really don't want to mess with me"

"Oh yes I do" Collin shot fire bolts, Xavior dodged butthen Collin got a lucky shot. "It's a shame your girl friend isn't here to say her last goodbye."

He can't....I jumped from the tree, blocking Collin's targetting line. "Don't you dare"

"Ah so the princess has graced us with her presence. I am honored to be able to meet you once more, for the last time princess"

"Yes it's a shame your shadow friends will lose an ally, though I doubt they'll miss you. Heck, maybe they'll send a thankyou card"

"Laughing in the face of death, how admirable"

"Wheres death? I'm laughing at you" one side of my mouth turns up.

Collin's eyes tightened "You talk big, lets see how you fight" he thrust a firebolt toward me and I deflected it

Another bolt hurtled toward me and I turned it into a ball, shifting it from hand to hand. "You little...." another bolt, I stepped out of the way.

"Play ball" I threw the collection of fire bolts towards him, making him fall into a tree. "If you want to play games then go back to infants school, when you want to fight, let me know"

Collin backed up and ran off, Xavior put a hand on my shoulder "Aradessa?"

I turned, seeing his hopeful face light up, I looked down guiltily.

"Aradessa, I've missed you so much" he pulled me to his chest "Thankyou for saving me"

I pushed him away "It's fine, I was just passing through"

"Passing through? Aradessa, you came back to get some clothes and left, did you really think that I would let you go?"

"No, thats why I was running"

"Why are you running from me Aradessa? why?"

I looked up at him "Kivuli, the shadows, the enroaching darkness and every other thing that threatens the people I get close to. So, do me a favour and let me go before something else happens."

Xavior smiled "Not a chance" He pulled me to his chest and lifted my chin " I promised to never leave you, remember?" he closed the small space between us and I lost the will to fight. My heart beat faster than ever before, the blood rushing to my cheeks...I felt alot better.

"It's been too long hasn't it?" he held me to his chest

"How long?" I knew it was a few days but I wanted to know the date.

"Almost a year" he said calmly, stroking my hair.

The End

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