third book, 1st dreams, 2nd hallucinations and now! Nightmares!

I walked through the darkness for what seemed like days, the voices mocking me while I slept. I had them as a punishment, Xavior's barrior to keep kivuli at bay was weak around me, it allowed Kivuli to escape for a few seconds, giving him the chance to  break free. The shadows are after everyone I love, I have to get away from them and hopefully take the shadows with me.

My clothes are pretty worn now, they're dirty too and I'm sure if anyone saw me they'd be shocked. But I couldn't let anyone see me, not even Starlight, it would only put them in even more danger. I had to get some clothes though. I ran in the way too famiiar direction and cloaked myself with a spell.

I pushed through the shrubbery and crept around, climbing up the tree to my room. "It'll be fine Xavior" I froze and while I grabbed a top and jeans I listened.

"It's been to long, what if...."

"You of all people would know, can you still feel it?"

"Yeah, but it's so faint, oh my!"


"It's bigger, louder! She's close!" He sounded so happy, it made me upset.

Tears began to form as I stood in my untouched room. A single tear fell to the floor.

"What is it Xavior?"

The door flew open "Theres someone in her room!"

"I dont see anyone"

"A simple cloaking spell. Come out and fight you coward! I'll teach you to-"

Another tear fell to the floor.


I jumped from the window and ran into the forest "Aradessa!"

I knew I would have worse nightmares tonight, I was hurting everyone again.

I'm coming after you Aradessa.

"Keep away, don't..."

The End

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