Chapter 5. - Unwilling Sleep.Mature


It’s break; finally! All through form, my first period and second, people have been staring at me. I’m in the quad (the playground me and Bobby were in this morning). I’m waiting for Bobby and trying to ignore the stares from my fellow classmates.


I swallow hard. Where is Bobby?


I shiver; it feels like ice is running down my spine. I’ve had this feeling before. It can’t happen here though. I’m not dreaming. I’m not! I pinch myself and wince. A few students give me weird looks for doing so.


I can feel it moving to my neck, down my arm, in my blood, making my hairs stand on end. No. I know what’s coming next. What always comes next. I lean onto the bench in front of me. I sit down, breathing deeply. Not now. Not here.


It’s too late; the darkness has taken me over. I’m back in their world.


I shiver, knowing they’re all around me but I refuse to look, I close my eyes, willing them to go away.  I can sense them getting closer, snarling at me. I can’t help it, I open my eyes.


They’re all around me. There’s nowhere for me to run. I swallow as tears run down my face. Oh why me? They run their horrible claws over my skin, getting closer. Always getting closer. This dark place seems to get darker and darker. The demons seem to grow stronger and more terrifying in the surrounding darkness.


Sweat rolls down my face, stinging my eye. One lunges at me, teeth bared, ripping my shirt. Others start to do the same. I scream. I don’t want them to get my soul. I don’t want to be here.


One scratches my hip. I scream out as blood starts to pour out of the claw marks on my skin. My screams ring out, numbing my ears. No more! Please no more! I close my eyes tight, never stopping screaming. I can feel them tugging at me.


They start shaking me, my screams still ringing strong. Why won’t they get to my soul and stop the pain? I can feel warm hands on my face. What are they doing? I lash out, hitting everything I can through the darkness. “Stevie?! Stevie! Wake up!” The shaking continues, and so does my screams, as I slowly open my watering eyes.


Bobby is holding me. I grip him closer as I bury my face in his school shirt. My tears make parts of his white shirt see through. I’m shaking and Bobby strokes my head, rocking me gently.


“Is she okay? Stevie-Rae, are you okay?” The worried voice of my new form tutor reaches my ears. I nod. “Can you walk?” I look into Bobby’s concerned face and nodded, not trusting my raw voice. I slowly get onto my shaky feet, with Booby’s and Miss Jones help.


I swallow, still gripping onto Bobby’s arm. I look up and wince. It looks like most of the school is out here. Great, now more people have seen me when the demons take over. And I’m going red. And I’m soaked in sweat! Ew. Not good. I look down at my feet as Bobby leads me to medical.

The End

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