Why Is Everyone Looking At Me?Mature

Bobby stops his moped in the parking lot and I get off. I take off my helmet and shake my hair loose, getting rid of the helmet hair. Bobby laughs at me while he gets off.


“Never thought you’ll be one to like the speed.” I roll my eyes at him as I give him back his helmet. “There’s a lot about me you don’t know about Bobby Smith.”

"Oh really?" Bobby looks at me, a eyebrow raised. I laugh at him and walk towards the entrance; he catches up with me in no time.


We walk out into an area where a lot of the students are. This must be a play area. There’s a lot of people here, I’ve never been good with lots of people. I turn back to Bobby. He stands closer to me, smiling down. He’s 6”3 so that’s probably why but I’m tall for my age too, 5”12. He smiles at me, knowing what I’m thinking.


“Don’t worry, they won’t bite. Well, most don’t.” I laugh and shake my head. “Who you got for form?” My eyebrows knit together a little. Memory has never been my strong point. Bobby laughs as I get out my timetable.

“Erm, Miss Jones in room 101.” I look up at him as I put my timetable back into my blazer pocket. He nods.


“She’s okay. Nice, so you’ll like her and she teaches art.” I nod, getting nervous. Bobby Smith laughs again. “You’ll be fine.” “That’s easy for you to say Mr. Self Confident.” I say, my voice shaking a little. He rolls his eyes. “You’re alright with the kids in the orphanage.” I shake my head.

“That’s because I can relate to them. And because they all already know I’m weird.” I look at the floor. “Don’t worry what people think. I’ll meet you here at break okay?” I nod.


“Hey Smithy, who’s the new girl?” I look towards the voice and go bright red. Lots of seventeen-year-old guys are walking this way. Not good. Bobby laughs. “This is Stevie-Rae Richards.” I know I’m getting redder, I can feel it. The guys smile and look me up and down.


“So you’re the famous Stevie?” Says the guy who first talked. I look questioningly at Bobby who just smiles. “We’ve heard a lot about you.” I look at the small kid who said that. “Really? Like what?” I say, finding my voice. The guys laugh and the little kid opens his mouth. “You say anything and you’re dead.” Yet again I turn to a smiling Bobby.


The bell rings, making me jump and all the guys laugh. “Cya around Stevie.” They laugh but stop when Bobby gives them a stern look. They start walking off to form, knowing that Bobby won’t walk with them there today.


We are outside room 101. “So what have you been telling people?” I ask, looking into his brown eyes. He shrugs. “I’ll tell ya later. Cya.” I shake my head at him as he leaves. He’s not going to tell me. Some girls walk past me with open mouth. I roll my eyes. All the way to form people have been looking at me like that and I have no clue why.


I sigh as I open the door of my form room and sheepishly walk in.

The End

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