Another Morning.Mature


I wake up covered in sweat, screaming my head off.

“Just a dream. It was just a dream.” I mutter to myself whilst rubbing my sore throat. When will the dreams stop? I drag myself out of my bed and get into the shower.


I get out, get dry, and get changed into my new school uniform. I don’t know how to feel. Last time I wore a uniform, I was living with father. I sigh as tears fill my eyes. It’s been two years since fathers death but it still hurts.


I can hear the other kids running around the house. I’ve lived here ever since fathers funeral. No one else wanted me, well, they did but one week with me they changed their minds. They didn’t want me because of my nightmares, the same nightmare I always have.


I check my uniform in my mirror. I nod, satisfied and grab my school bag. Then I walk out of my room, locking it behind me. I turn around to see a five-year-old girl in front of me. I smile at her. “What’s up Tilly?” She suddenly bursts into tears. Not good.


I crouch down and hug her gently. “It’s okay. It’s okay, I’m here. Tell me what happened.” I look into her big blue eyes. “You’re leaving.” She sobs. I shake my head and smile a little. I stand up and pick her up too, taking her down stairs with me. “I’m not leaving Tilly. I’m going to school.”


I look at the crying Tilly and wipe away a few tears. I take her into the kitchen and sit down, she sits on my knee and holds me tightly. “I go school here.” I smile at her. “I know Tilly. But I’ve got to go to the other school. It’s so I can get a good job and a nice house.” She looks down and starts fiddling with my tie. She giggles as I make it into a puppet, tickling her.


I hear a soft cough and I stop tickling Tilly and look up. In front of me is Mrs Mac, she runs the orphanage here. I put Tilly down and wink at her.


“Hey Mrs M. What’s up?” The old woman smiled at me as I put two pieces of bread in the toaster and got out the jam. “I just wanted to make sure you’re okay Stevie-Rae. I heard you screaming this morning again.” I quickly look away from her worried eyes. Why does everyone do that?


I turn and get two glasses and the orange juice. I fill up the glasses, not wanting to look at Mrs Mac’s grey eyes. “I’m fine Mrs M.” I give Tilly a glass and then smile at Mrs Mac. She smiles back and nods.

“Remember, you can’t be late for school. Not on your first day.” My toast pops up as Mrs M takes a smiling Tilly into the lounge.


I quickly spread jam over my toast and eat it. I finish off my orange juice as Bobby comes in, rubbing his eyes. He yawns and shakes his scruffy dark blonde hair. “She’s got you going to this school too?” I nod at him. He’s already been at South Bridge School for a year now.


He opens the fridge and drinks the orange juice out of the carton. “Do you really have to do that Bobby? The glasses are right there.” He puts it back and smiles at me. I roll my eyes while I put my glass and plate into the dishwasher. I turn back to see a seventeen-year-old Bobby looking at me with his head tilted to one side. I quickly become self-conscious. I wipe my mouth.



He shrugs, his smile still on his face. “Wanna walk with me to school today?” I shrug, my eyes narrowed in curiosity.



Other kids start coming into the kitchen, most of the older ones giving me dirty looks for waking them up this morning, yet again. I look to the ground, my cheeks going red. “Stevie! Stevie!” Bobby’s little brother runs into my arms. I laugh. “Hey Maxxie. You okay?” He nods.

“Tilly says you’re leaving.” I shake my head at the little boy.

" I’m not leaving. I’m going to Bobby’s school.” Maxxie smiles at me as I mess up his bed-head hair.

“Where’s my hug?” I look up at a smiling Bobby. Maxxie shrugs and hugs his older brother.


“Calm down you lot.” A red-cheeked Mrs Mac comes into the room shaking her head at the usual morning madness. Her wise grey eyes spots Bobby and me. She shakes her grey head. “Are you two not gone yet? You should of gone five minuets ago!” Bobby and I smile at each other as Mrs M pushes us out the front door.


Bobby gets onto his moped and smiles back at me. “Get on new girl, we don’t want to be late.” I laugh at his sarcasm and get on his bike, pulling on a spare helmet and raping my arms around Bobby. He revs the engine and we’re off to school. I laugh as we speed through the streets, this is my first time on a moped and I love it!

The End

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