Oh not again! Why does this keep on happening to me?


I'm running for my life, the demons are after me. Oh God, what did I do? My heart is in my mouth as I race round the corner. Shit! They're in front of me! I turn. Nope. Great. Now I'm cornered.


They smile evilly, getting closer. I can hear the laughter and smell their disgusting breath. I swallow. Oh God, I'm gonna die! They jump for me; I scream knowing it's all over.


I keep on screaming waiting for their sharp teeth to rip open my skin, trying to get to my soul.


I can feel tight hands gripping my shoulders, shaking me. I keep screaming. What are they waiting for? Why won't they kill me already?


"Stevie-Rae! Stevie-Rae wake up!" My eyes open at a familiar voice, my screaming dies down as my father hugs me.


"You had that dream again?" I nod, tears running down my face as he gently rocks me. "It's okay. It's over. They can't hurt you now." I grip onto father’s shirt not wishing for him to leave.


"I'm not going anywhere Stevie-Rae." He whispers softly but my tears keep coming.

The End

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