Chapter 3.2Mature

Kyle leaned against the abandoned library building, a cigarette hanging casually in one hand by his waist. His other hand flicking through facebook on his phone. He rolled his eyes at all the silly trends. Except the lolcat pictures, 'cause those really were funny. The sound of impatient high heels drew his attention away from the small school.

“Mareia, quit pacing. It won't made him get here any faster,” Kyle sighed.

“There's been a break, I can feel it,” she muttered, looking up with enough force that her black mane got caught and throw about by the light breeze. She had dark toned skin and large almond shaped eyes. Her body was hourglass perfect. The only hint she wasn't exactly of this world was her eyes. Venom green, and her fangs were more than ready to strike. Literally. Of all the forms she could've chosen in the human world, she decided she wanted sharp as nails canines. If Kyle were into that BDSM shit, maybe he'd find it hot. Mostly he was just glad she never nibbled when they hooked up.

“You can always feel a break,” Kyle muttered, deciding to play a silly facebook game. He glanced to his right, just a few streets away was the city centre and a hub of activity filled with people. He would rather be there flirting with chicks than here, waiting on the old guy to confirm or deny Mareia's suspicions. She was rarely right, and he hoped that would be the case today. He certainly didn't need to be chasing who-knows-what from the other side, not after his day. He had been a little harsh with his words to Lucy, but he'd put up with her judgemental comments for weeks, he figured he could throw something back. The only reason he'd hung out with her in the first place was 'cause Mareia sensed something. He'd bet £100 that was nothing too.

“You guys look as happy as ever,” Benji joked. Kyle looked to his left, seeing the old library door open. The rusted key in Benji's hand. Even Mareia had been caught off-guard. Kyle had yet to work out exactly what Benji was. The only thing Kyle knew for certain was that he wasn't a shadow, and he definitely wasn't human.

“Is there a break?” Mareia asked, shoving past him into the old building. Kyle followed at a more normal pace. He felt his nose tickle with the urge to sneeze the moment he entered. The place was filled with slowly-moulding books and dust. Some of the bookcases looked ready to collapse with the help of a light breeze. He followed Mareia sharp footsteps, echoing away fast. He glanced at Benji who was normally amused by her urgency. This time though his expression was sober. Well shit, Kyle thought, so much for a false alarm. He went down a short step of creaking, wooden steps to a large oak table. It was the only area of the building that was clear of cobwebs. He had no idea when Benji had bought the place, but it had looked decrepit long before Kyle encountered it. Mareia was starring into the desk-mirror intensely, no doubt firing psychic calls.

“Is anyone answering?” Kyle asked, sitting down.

“No,” Mareia murmured. That was usually a bad sign. “Argh, we need to find a easier link to the other side so that I can make a louder signal,” she finally sighed, standing up and rubbing her forehead.

“Let me try,” Benji murmured, approaching the mirror. Kyle didn't really know how it all worked, it was more strange magic stuff. The shadows and other otherworldly's weren't quick to explain how their world worked. Benji had offered to give him a history lesson on what went wrong in previous eras, but Kyle got enough of a headache from college to take on more learning. All he knew is there was a time when humans did seriously bad shit. As a result the other side and their inhabitants are less than trusting. Benji muttered something in another language. Kyle had heard the word enough times to know it was a curse word. Benji leaned against the table, both palms flat while Mareia growled at the ceiling with her arms crossed.

“Sooo,” Kyle began, already sensing hostility from Mareia. “What now?”

“We're thinking,” Mareia said. Kyle knew that was a literal 'we'. The weird psychic connection in action.

“There is one way we could access the other side. Though it carries some risk,” Benji murmured, pulling out a mobile.

“Since when did you enter the twentieth century?” Kyle asked, blinking in shock. Benji was always wear tweed jackets and old fashioned waistcoats. Kyle wouldn't be surprised if he had a pocket watch to complete the set.

“I do live in this world most of the time. That requires a house, job and all the other 'necessity's' you humans need,” Benji replied, his voice gravelly. His free hand making air quote as he spoke.

“You should apply to be a teacher at my college. Then you can pass me even when I can't do homework on time cause of this crap,” Kyle suggested, only half-kidding.

“Education is important Kyle, take it seriously,” Benji said. Kyle's eyes narrowed at the comment.

“Easy for you to say,” he muttered. Not many seventeen year old's had to worry about school and an evening job that involved creatures that should've stayed under the bed. Benji walked away, calling someone. The person didn't pick up and he sighed.

“Guess that option is out,” he muttered.

“That only leaves ...” Mareia trailed off, groaning a little. Kyle already knew her conclusion. He never liked this option either. The jerk didn't bother to hide his distaste for humans.

“Creed,” the three of them said in tired unison.

“I'll send out a psychic call,” Benji volunteered, earning a grateful look from Mareia. Kyle knew the next few days were going to suck big time.

The End

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