Chapter 2.3Mature

“Wow,” Beth murmured, “I didn't realise you suffered with it.”

“Since I was thirteen,” Lucy said. “I've gotten used to it I guess.” Beth frowned at her words, looking ahead thoughtfully.

“You know I had an aunt with sleeping issues for a couple of months. She tried everything. Eventually someone suggested hypnotism. It revealed all these underlying issues she was ignoring. After that she was able to deal with them and sleep better.” Beth flushed at her words, not having planned to say so much. “Don't know if you've done it, or if it'll help. Figured I'd mention it though,” she added. Lucy blinked at Beth, surprised Dr Franklin had never suggested the idea. Then again they already knew her pages long problem list.

“I haven't tried it actually. Thanks for suggesting it,” Lucy said. Beth looked relieved at Lucy's response and went back to writing class notes. The rest of the class went by uneventfully.

When class ended Beth sent Lucy a wave and mouthed text me as she left. Lucy knew Beth had to rush to her next class, dance, so she could get dressed quickly. Lucy's next class on the other hand was the same one Kyle was bugging her about this morning. When she reached the corridor Kyle and his friend Michael were already waiting outside. Michael was a towering nerdy sort, complete with large rimmed glasses. He wasn't someone you'd immediately think of as friends with kyle. Lucy figured Kyle was initially using him for class help. Turned out Michael struggled with economics just as much as Kyle. They'd been friends since primary school apparently. While Lucy had always lived near Cambridge, they had initially lived in the out skirting villages. Then when nightmares started, they moved. Dad said a change of scene might help her - it didn't.

“Heya,” she said. She found talking to Michael easy, mostly because she knew they both experienced social awkwardness.

“Hi,” he replied. “Did you do the homework?” he asked, the panic evident on his face.

“Don't worry, however you did, this guy did worse,” Lucy said, pointing her thumb at Kyle. Kyle snorted at her, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. His attention shifted upwards at the sound of giggles. Lucy followed his gaze to two girls walking through the building.

“I didn't realise our college did a beauty scholarships,” Kyle remarked with a proud grin as they passed. They both glanced at each other, blushing rising.

“Thanks,” the blond one murmured, quickly turning away to talk to her friend. They walked quickly, sending Kyle embarrassed looks.

“Approach me whenever if you want my number,” Kyle added. The blonds blush grew brighter and her friend laughed at her. They left the building and Kyle's smirk grew.

“Nailed it,” he said, turning to look at Lucy and Michael. Lucy had one eyebrow raised, trying to decide who she was more disappointed with. Kyle, or the girls who apparently fell over him.

“First off, this is a state sixth form college. We don't have scholarships. Secondly, that was an insult to the girls intelligence,” she said, crossing her arms angrily.

“They didn't seem to mind,” Kyle shrugged. Lucy sighed, why did she find talking to a jerk easier than a nice person? Michael's mobile went and he quickly checked it.

“Are you and Sammy going to stop texting anytime soon?” Kyle asked, groaning. Sammy was Kyle's twin sister. She shared his good looks, but none of the crappy personality. “If she wasn't my sister, I'd tell you to screw her already,” Kyle muttered. At that point Mr Bhattacharyya opened the door, distracting Kyle. Good thing too since Michael was blushing big time. Lucy wasn't so blind that she couldn't tell he had a crush on his best friend's sister. Sam was with Beth's lot though, popular and hard to approach. Right now they were texting because Michael was helping her through a Chemistry project.

The End

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