Chapter 2.1Mature

Chapter Two

Lucy's English Literature classroom was almost like her favourite place, the library. The room was lined with shelves, where the classics and various textbooks sat. The tables were set out in a circle around the edge of the room. Miss Johnson's desk was to the side of the whiteboard. There were scribbles from a previous lesson still on it as Lucy walked in. Miss Johnson sent her a smile as she was wiping it off. Lucy returned it and took her usual seat. Lucy liked Miss Johnson, then again she liked anyone who shared her love of stories.

Once upon a time reading had simply been a way to keep sleep at bay. As time passed though, Lucy grew to love the words and imaginary worlds. She hoped that one day she would fall asleep and go to one of them. Instead she was always stuck in the dark. Lucy tapped her pencil on the desk nervously, wondering when Beth would turn up. She was usually early like her. Beth was a lot more social than Lucy. The few conversations Lucy had managed had told her Beth loved books as much as she did. Though there tastes differed a little, Lucy didn't care too much. If she had to try and make a friend to overcome her social anxiety, then Beth seemed like the safest option. She was popular, yes, but she was also genuine and kind. The classroom door opened and Beth walked in. She had a backpack decorated with some kind of anime over her shoulders. She was dressed fashionably as always; in tight, blue jeans, a short-sleeve, plain white blouse and colourful, stripy waistcoat. Lucy would never have the guts to wear something so loud and daring.

“Ohmygod, I love your top,” Beth squealed as she sat down. Lucy glanced down, remembering the pikachu top she'd thrown up.

“T-thanks,” Lucy stuttered. Beth smiled at her and pulled out her workbook. Lucy gulped, trying to work up the guts to say something intelligible. Why was she fine talking to someone like Kyle, but not someone like Beth?

“Did you say something?” Beth asked. Lucy realised she'd started speaking but cut herself up. She quickly cleared her throat.

“You're clothes are cooler,” Lucy said quickly, surprised that she didn't stammer. Beth's smile grew, a small blush showing through her make up.

“Aww, thanks,” she said. “If you wanted to go shopping sometime let me know. I can think of tons of looks that would be adorbs on you,” Beth added. Lucy hesitated. Shopping would be a normal thing for girls to do, and it would help. The crowded shopping centre would be difficult though.

“S-sure,” Lucy said, before she could second guess herself. Beth seemed thoughtful as Miss Johnson began writing today's lesson plan onto the board.

The End

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