Chapter 1.4Mature

“My dad drew the line at a car. I worked all summer to buy this thing. They help with the insurance though,” he shrugged.

“Such hardship,” she murmured, sarcasm dripping from her tone.

“Your dads some big scientist, doesn't he pay for everything?” he countered, not sounding particularly offended. He must be used to this.

“Yes,” Lucy admitted. “But he's never around, so I take care of myself.” Kyle considered her words before nodding.

“Fair enough,” he shrugged. “I do know how to dress myself though,” he added proudly. Lucy shook her head at the joke, though she felt herself smiling. She forced it to stop. If she was going to make a friend, it would be a healthy one. She didn't want to get to know a guy who used girls for sex and spent every Friday night getting pissed. She didn't care how many stories were out there about the jackass who ends up loving the naïve girl. She knew the difference between fantasy and reality.

“So. Economics. Hangover. What did I miss?” he asked.

“We were talking about small businesses and insurance,” Lucy supplied.

“Want to emphasis on that?” he asked.

“Nope,” she answered. “Just read page 32 and 33.” He shot her a glare and her smile widened.

“Great help you are,” he muttered. She opened her mouth to reply when he murmured something under his breath. She thought he said “you aren't helping either.” She frowned, glancing over her shoulder. Was he talking to himself now? She pushed it aside, he was probably just talking to his own brain. She did it all the time, though usually when she was on her own at home. They reached college and she thanked him for the lift. He locked up, heading off to his next class. She was mildly surprised he had believed her lie and wasn't hitting on her.

She went round the building to a small area of green. There was a small wooded space nearby, but she walked past that to stone benches by a algae infested lake. She pulled out her sketchpad and started to draw. She wasn't drawing anything in particular, just letting her pencil flow. After a while the outlines of a woman's face appeared. She sketched in her features with great care and detail, smudging and shading them. The lady had thick, black, straight hair that framed her face. Her expressive eyes were decorated by long lashes and dark eye make-up. Her lips were full, movie kissable lips. Lucy frowned at the face, the expression the drawing wore was one of mocking. Lucy couldn't help feeling she had seen the person somewhere before. Lucy shook her head and shove her sketchpad back into her bag. She flopped down onto the bench. She watched the above clouds, wondering how likely it was they'd have rain. Considering she lived in England, extremely likely. As she watched the skies she felt her eyelids droop; the weariness evident in her heavily bagged, blue eyes, finally winning.

She opened her eyes to grey concrete. Her mouth opened slightly as she took in the stretching, winding highway. Blank white signs standing on poles, stretching higher than any sign she'd seen on the road. The sky was nothing but a swirl of grey and black clouds, lightning occasionally flashing above them. The silhouettes behind didn't leave he feeling safe. She wrapped her arms around her, seeing she was wearing her blue jeans, a pikachu t-shirt and black jacket with leather patches at the elbow. The same thing she pulled on this morning before heading to Dr Franklin's office. The slab was warm under her feet, but the whipping, harsh wind contradicted it. She pulled her jacket tighter around her before taking a tentative step forward.

Around her the sky changed, shifting. It was as if there had been invisible barriers and as she moved she revealed floating pieces of highway. She kept moving and began to see pieces of gnarled metal. She paused at the sound of a small splash and looked downwards. There was a puddle of water shining a rainbow. Oil. She looked up again and realised she was looking at the ruins of a car crash. It was a bit odd, since she'd never witnessed a crash in her life, but she wasn't going to complain. So far her dream had stayed calm. Lightning flashed again and she swore the creature was closer. Or it had just grown in size. The wind was reaching new heights, swirling the clouds at horrendous speeds. Her hair thrashed like tentacles, obscuring her vision.

The End

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