Prologue Cont.Mature

Her breath was a whisper, wavering the fading light with white mist. Lucy knew this place too well. She approached the ancient tomb slowly. She'd never seen a building of it's design, and yet she knew it was a tomb. Since she could remember she'd been brought here from time to time. It was a nice reprieve from the nightmares. She licked her licks nervously as she stood a few inches from the tombs surface. She traced light fingers across the wall. Even that gentle touch caused small flakes of rock to trickle down like sand. She watched it fall, starring at the rainforest floor. She looked over her shoulder at the tall forest around her. This clearing was the only one she was aware of. The foliage and bark far too dense for her to see another elsewhere.

She moved away from the wall, more pebbles slipping to the ground as she did. She circled the monument, her eyes recognising the strange symbols caved into the rock for a second, and then the understanding was gone. For a mere moment she would feel she knew the faded meaning, and then it would be gone. Like fast evaporating water, leaving only a residue as knowledge of what had been before. Like the breath that continued to leave her curious lips. She paused at the presumed entrance. It was blocked off by a huge stone slab of the same material and grey pigment as the rest of the tomb.

“Why bring me here?” she murmured to it. As if by some rare chance a being within would somehow answer. There was a hushed murmur behind her and she spun. The peaceful clearing of the tomb was gone in an instant. Darkness corralled her sense, catching panicked breaths. Her dark blue eyes widened, as if somehow she could decipher more meaning in doing so. She blinked once and the feelings of fear intensified. She let out a slow breath, forcing her shaking limbs to calm. She watched as the small emittance of mist collided with something unseen. She couldn't see anything though. She narrowed her eyes, trying to see between the folds of her mind-made reality. She stepped forward, reaching out a hand. It was met with no resistance. Whatever had been standing in front of her before was gone, or had moved. She turned in a slow circle. Directly behind her was a door, a thin beam of light showing under the frame. It was a trick and she knew it. It appeared to be safety, but something worse would be out there.

The dark was at least predictable in it's clinging coldness. She sat down, curling her arms round her knees. She kept her gaze on the simple wooden door, refusing to go through it. She let out another steadying breath and watched as the mist grew this time. It flowed, surrounding her like a slow poison. As it whooshed past her ears she thought she could hear faded murmurs from within. She hesitated, her breath catching, then she lifted a quivering hand to the condensing air. It moved at her touch, pulling and pushing itself around her hand. It circled round her fingers, kissing her skin with cold.

“Will these nightmares ever end?” Lucy whispered, her eyelids lowering. The mist held no answers, continuing in it's lazy climb upwards, away from her outstretched hand. She pulled her hand back to herself and shivered slightly. She didn't know how long she sat there in the dark. A waver of fear shuddering beneath the surface of her skin. Adrenaline coursing her veins in response to an ancient fear. Since she could remember, Lucy had always been afraid of the dark.

The End

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