Sofia woke up suddenly, her forehead was covered in sweat but she was shivering. But once she realised what had happened she soon calmed down. It was just a nightmare, she had them all the time. Nothing to worry about. she looked at her clock. 7:30AM. Oh well, Sofia thought, so she decided to get up and have a cup of tea, even though it was a sunday.  Once he had finished her tea, she decided to go for a walk by the river. As she was walking by the river, she saw a dark patch in the river, as she went over to it, the dark patch started to glow.Sofia tried to back away, but she couldn't move. Out of nowhere, a glittery cloud of smoke rose out of the water.

"Ahh, perfect." Sofia heard the cloud say.

"What? Who are you?" Sofia shouted. But before she could do anyting, the cloud blew small amount of glitter like substance over her. Sofia suddenly felt very sleepy, she fell to the ground, but managed to use her hands to protect herself. The last thing Sofia saw was the cloud disappear into the trees. 

The End

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