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I wrote this for my Enlgish classwork and quite enjoyed the darker jist of things. Although I normally like dramatic endings I think that this ending creates a nice short story effect. Indeed, this is a nightmare so don't worry I am not a weirdo :)

The darkness suppressed all the happiness like a dark blanket fastened down with black iron nails. The trees stood still in the windless grey air; the shadows overpowering light shades forming horrible creatures of the night.

Behind a grey clouded tree lurked a shadow forming pentagrams of hell on the dusty dry ground, all clearness of moisture having been sucked away a long time ago. The creature was pitch black, crimson eyes hectically overseeing the land, knowingly dissecting it until it had assured no larger force was swivelling in the creeks of unhappiness.

The lighting struck down onto the lurking evil and when the decapitated body crashed to the floor its moist crimson drenched the tree with new life and hopes to continue its dreary existence under the non-existent horizon.

The head having landed a few yards away from the tree now gurgled up the red liquid glowing in the brightest red ever seen. The burgundy lifeless eyes were rolling backwards and forwards accelerating every second until there is a victorious crack underneath the dark dusty earth. When the ground finally cracked open to indulge the dead body, an event more evil than anything ever seen proceeded. The evil bone crushing, blood freezing ocean of screams floods over the plain; crushing every organism’s ears with fear and anticipation of death.

As the ground closed, we see a little creature, seemingly of the same species, hurdling towards us. It sits down in the shadows of the bloody tree, bows down licks up with a snake like tongue its predecessor’s vile body liquids. Only too then take a stick and draw pentagrams of hell on the dusty dry ground.

Can you hear the sky thundering? It’s coming for you.


The End

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