NMS ~ Chapter Thirty-four

After the feast, Neytiri and Jay walked out to the once beautiful gardens surrounding the school. They had been trampled under the feet of all the demons that had attacked the school.

Jay bent and felt around before finding what he was looking for. He picked up the rose and felt Neytiri’s face for her ear, making her giggle.

Neytiri cupped her hands around his face and Jay could tell she was smiling. He frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Neytiri asked.

“How is this going to work if I can never see your beautiful face again?” Jay asked.

Neytiri’s right hand moved and lightly slapped him. “I certainly hope my looks aren’t all this relationship is based on.”

Jay grinned. “Of course not, Tiri.”

“Thought so.” Jay felt her lean in and instinctively leaned closer as well. Their lips brushed lightly and they separated.

Neytiri laughed. “Sorry, I guess it still feels weird, huh?”

Jay nodded. “It’s okay. We’ll get used to it.” He sighed. “This whole onoraii thing is pretty weird. Being protectors of our races?”

Neytiri hugged him and rested her head agains this chest. “It’ll be fun.”

Jay nodded. He tilted his head up at the sky and sighed. Never again would he watch the stars with Neytiri as they had for years.

“The stars are beautiful tonight,” Neytiri muttered. He smiled. She was probably the only person who would tell him things as they were. She would never conceal things to make him feel better. He would always know that he could trust her. “Sorry, I guess I figure everyone else would tel you the sky is overcast and you can’t see the stars anyways to make you feel better.”

Jay nodded. “Thank you, blue-girl.”

“Anytime, Star-boy.”

They held hands and sat down on the lawn. They lay back on the grass and simply enjoyed the silence. 

The End

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