NMS ~ Chapter Thirty-three

Zendaya awoke the next morning to Araminta shaking her.

“Come on, Zen, you don’t want to be late for your own feast, now do you?” Araminta grinned and skipped over to her closet. “What do you think I should wear? The pink dress or the blue and purple shirt and skirt?” She spoke without turning around to see Zendaya pointing. “Hello, Zen?” she turned and looked at Zendaya. Her eyes widened in dismay. “Oh, right. Sorry.” Araminta turned away with shaded eyes looking ashamed of herself.

Zendaya sighed. She got out of bed and walked over to her own closet and short a long purple dress. She changed quickly and left the room.

Myst and Alexia were standing in the hallway wearing short dresses.

Myst was smiling and turned to Zendaya. “Good morning, hero.”

Zendaya smiled. She nodded in greeting.

Just then, Rhea came out of her room and joined them. Together the four friends walked down the stairs and met up with Neytiri and Jay outside the dining hall. They all entered together and Hunters and Shadows alike clapped and cheered at their entrance.

“Well, this is nice,” Neytiri said with a smile.

They walked to the front of the hall and sat with Berret, Baramore, Drey, andGriffinat the fornt table. Alexia and Myst left them to sit with Alek and some other students.

Berret stood and greeted the entire hall. “We welcome you all here today to honor four young Hunters and Shadows who have shown great skill in working together and leading others to victory.”

Berret sat down and Baramore took her place. “They went on journies to find themselves and came back stronger and more confident than ever before.”

He sat down and Drey stood up. “Without them we would not have experienced the victory we had yesterday.”

Drey sat back down andGriffintook his place. “We are very proud of these four and welcome them as our future leaders.” She smiled and sat back down. The hall cheered and applauded. Zendaya looked at her fellow onoraii with a smile.

The students and Hunters began eating the feast while Znendaya picked at her food. She couldn’t find the appetite to eat anything after everything they had gone through.

“What’s wrong?” Rhea asked her.

Zendaya shrugged. Even if she had wanted to say something, it wasn’t as though she could.

Rhea looked away and Zendaya felt as though she had lost her connection to people. If she couldn’t talk to them how was she supposed to convey her thoughts and feelings?

She looked to where Baramore was sitting. He was the only one she felt she could talk with right now. Since he was deaf and already had a hard time keeping up with people talking, it was easier for her to mouth and make signs with him. They were already both creating a sign language that she could use with him to convey her feelings better.


The End

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