NMS ~ Chapter Eighteen

“You couldn’t even stay in that room long enough to get information about the mission!”

Zendaya stood and stared Bellonella’s head down. “I wasn’t in charge, remember? You were out there, not me. If you want to blame anyone, blame yourself.” Zendaya recoiled from her own words. All this time with only Bellonella for company was hardening her hear and making her more like the ancient spirit than herself.

“You’ve got spunk, you know that, kid? Nevara would never have spoken back to me like that!”

“Nevara’s afraid of you,” Zendaya said, waving her hand.

“True, true. And I love that about the girl. She thinks she’s so big and strong, and yet, on the inside she’s a cowering little baby. Nothing like you. You’re the exact opposite. On the outside you act like you would never hurt a fly, yet inside you’re one of the strongest people I have ever intruded upon.” Bellonella’s face was grinning evilly. “You’re nearly taken back over this body, what, five times now? People are going to start wondering why you keep passing out like that.”

Zendaya smiled. She had proven to Bellonella that she didn’t have complete control by trying to take over at the most inopportune moments. But she still couldn’t take over for more than a few minutes. She had tried to take over to apologize to Rhea and the others in the dining hall the first time. But she didn’t even know whether they knew it wasn’t her acting this way. Surely her friends would have noticed…

Then she thought about her meeting with Berret and the others. What had she meant when she said Zendaya was important to this fight? Yet, if she wasn’t a part of the Prophecy of Three Bellonella had told her about, what else could she be? And why was she a part of anything at all? It wasn’t as though she was any different from any of the other faeries.

Zendaya sighed as Bellonella’s head began to fade. “See you later, Belle,” she muttered. By this time she was accustomed to be alone. Though that didn’t mean she liked it.

What she wanted was to be in control of her body again and be able to be with her friends and schoolmates.

But one thing overshadowed even that.

She wanted more than anything to tell Nevara she was a fool for following the Darkness, and then she wanted to turn her sister in to Berret to keep her away from the Darkness when the real battle came.

No matter what her sister did to her, she still couldn’t bear to see her hurt, Zendaya realized. 

The End

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