NMS ~ Chapter Fifteen


Zendaya cowered in a corner of her little room as Bellonella’s head roared at her.

“How in this world were you able to take control, even for a moment, like that?”

“I-I don’t know…” Zendaya replied.

“You souldn’t be able to do that! The only person that was EVER able to resist me was an…” Bellonella paused and scrutinized Zendaya, “onoraii.”

“I’m sorry…” Zendaya said, not knowing how to quell this ancient creature’s anger.

“Baramore’s been training with you, right?” Bellonella asked, tone changing instantly from rage to astonishment.

Zendaya nodded. “Yeah, he was acting as my father since never had any parents…”

“Yet, he never took the same interest in Nevara, correct?”

Zendaya shook her head. “Baramore never liked her, though.”

“But, he never took interest in any of the other orphans in your class either, right?”

“No… But I don’t see what this has to do with anything…”

“Of course!” Bellonella’s head cried out gleefully. “Baramore was with you, while Rhea must be Berret’s. And Neytiri is obviouslyGriffin’s.” She paused. “But then who is Drey’s?”

“Excuse me?” Zendaya waited until Bellonella’s head turned back to her. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, dearest, nothing.” Her blue eyes sparkled in excitement. “I can’t believe what a gold pot I’ve struck!” Her head began to fade and Zendaya sighed. The only company she ever got, and it had to be a crazy dead talking head.


The End

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