NMS ~ Chapter Twelve

Zendaya could see what was happening to her body, yet she had no control. She fought the being in her mind, but simply couldn’t get access to her own mind and body. It was as though her soul had been detached and knocked around her body and was no trying to get back into the office that was her mind. Yet, the door was locked and she simply couldn’t get the right password to her own mind and body.

Zendaya sighed.

The worst part was the way this spirit, Bellonella, was treating her friends. Plus the fact that her body was no longer being hurt when Nevara was happy. No, the cuts and bruises were appearing on the tiny body forming her soul.

Zendaya looked around her. It was like being a tiny holographic blue image, like in Star Wars. Yet, she was stuck in this room and couldn’t find a way out.

“Isn’t this place great?” A large blue head appeared on one of the walls.

“Bellonella!” Zendaya cried out, recalling the face from the forest when she had followed Nevara.

“So, you remember me, eh?” the blue head asked.

“What have you done? Let me go and give me back my body!” Zendaya demanded, clenching her fists, large purple wings fluttering behind her.

“Sorry, no can do. I need your body in order to serve Braze.”

“Braze?” Zendaya asked.

“The Darkness was a person before he became the shadowy creature he is now, you know,” Bellonella informed her.

“Why do you want to serve him? He’s killing innocent Hunters and shadows. And you were a faerie once, why would you go with him?”

“You’re very observant. How did you know I was a faerie?”

“Your eyes. The faded designs on your arms. You were an ice faerie, weren’t you?”

Bellonella’s head nodded. “I was. And I was your ancestor.”

“That’s why it was so easy for you to take hold of me, right?” Zendaya gritted her teeth. She couldn’t seem to find a way to get the intruder out of her body.

“You might as well stop wasting your time. I’ve only ever taken hold in precious few people in the past, and there’s only ever been one instance of anyone being able to get rid of me. But don’t get your hopes up, that was an onoraii, and it was to be expected.”

“Onoraii?” Zendaya asked, curiosity overcoming her anger.

“You know, like from the ancient language?” Bellonella’s expression looked genuinely astonished that Zendaya didn’t know what she was talking about. “You must have read it somewhere. ‘raii’ means creature. ‘Ono’ means legend. Onoraii are creatures of legend. Throughout the ages, they were reincarnations of the most primeval beings. The beings that created all of Kataka.”

After that, Bellonella went on to tell Zendaya about how each different Shadow creature, as well as the Hunters, had a name in the ancient language. A word that was more powerful than any of the modern day names.

“Names hold power,” Bellonella’s head said before it began to fade away.

“Wait!” Zendaya cried, not wanting to be left alone again. “You’re leaving?”

“I’ll be back to check up on you again later. For now I must see to Braze.”

Zendaya looked out through the small window in her room, a direct link to her eyes. In front of her stood the Darkness, and beside him, Nevara. Zendaya narrowed her eyes. Nevara had turned her in. Nevara hadn’t bothered to know if her sister was even still inside this body. No, Nevara hadn’t bothered once to show any caring towards Zendaya. And yet, Zendaya was possessed by Bellonella because she had wanted to follow her sister make sure she was okay out in the woods.


The End

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