NMS ~ Chapter Nine

Rhea left Jay and Neytiri on the fifth floor after touring the entire school with them. It was nearly dinner time and Rhea was exhausted from walking all over the school. Jay and Neytiri had been full of energy, not tired even when she had left them. They could have gone on and seen the entire lawns and grounds as well. That was Hunter energy for you, Rhea thought.

“Hey, Rhea.” Rhea turned to see Myst transforming back into a human walking towards her from the darkened corridor that led to the Werewolf Room. Her voice was so soft she had barely caught the call.

“Yeah, Myst? Did you leave Alexia in the Werewolf Room?” Rhea asked, stopping to wait for Myst to join her.

Myst nodded. “I was just coming from there. But hey, I wanted to ask you if you’ve seen Zendaya or Nevara at all today.”

Rhea thought back and shook her head. “I haven’t seen her since…Baramore’s class…”

“Two days ago?”

Rhea nodded, concern setting in. “And I haven’t seen her since.”

Myst nodded. “I asked her roommate, Araminta. She said Zendaya hasn’t been in their room in two days. And I haven’t seen Nevara in that time either.” Nevara was Myst’s roommate and Rhea knew Myst would have already torn her to shreds for information of where her sister was by now.

“Have you told Berret?” Rhea asked.

Myst shook her head. “She’s been too busy with preparations for the Hunters.”

“Where do you think she could be?”

“Wherever she is, I can bet Nevara is behind her disappearance,” Myst replied with a snarl.

“We can’t jump to conclusions…” Rhea thought back to everything that happened in the past two days. Her heart froze as an idea came to her. “You don’t think the Hunters could have…?”

Myst shook her head. “I metGriffinearlier today. She keeps her Hunters in perfect order, and she would never have let them kill a Shadow once they had gotten close to the school.”

Rhea nodded, remembering how nice Jay had been to her. Neytiri had been kind as well, though not until after they had started over. Hunters were trained to hunt and kill Shadows, it was no wonder they were having a hard time getting used to the idea of working with Shadows.

“Do you want to go look around the grounds to see if maybe Nevara and Zendaya are out there?” Rhea suggested.

“I already swept the grounds as a cat. I didn’t leave anywhere unsearched.”

Rhea was stumped. Where else could the two faeries have gone?

“What are two standing around in front the dormitories for? Do youhaveto get in everyone’s way?”

Rhea whirled around to find herself staring into Nevara’s sparkling purple eyes.

Myst snarled, transformed into a cat, and leapt at Nevara, knocking her to the ground.

“Hey! Get off, would you?” Nevara swatted Myst off and stood up, brushing cat hair off her dress. “What was that for, dear roommate?” Myst transformed and stood up next to Rhea.

“Where is Zendaya?” Myst asked, her soft voice full of anger and rising higher than it ever had before.

“I’m right here.”

Myst and Rhea looked behind Nevara to see Zendaya walking down the hallway behind Nevara.

“See, she’s right here and perfectly fine. You could have just asked instead of attacking you know, Myst.” Nevara walked away toward the girl’s dormitory angrily.

Myst rushed forward to hug Zendaya. “Where have you been?”

Zendaya waved her hand. “Oh, just…around.”

Rhea watched her movements. The gracefulness was gone, replaced by rough and sharp movements. Her wrists looked like they had been rubbed raw. Her arms were laced with various cuts and bruises. But the thing that struck Rhea the most was that her large green eyes were now blue and narrowed.

“You aren’t going to give me a hug?” Zendaya asked, her voice still sweet and as soft as Myst’s.

Rhea narrowed her eyes. Then she relaxed and moved to hug Zendaya. As her arms went around her she took in Zendaya’s wings. They were no longer large and purple with swirling green designs, but small and dark blue with harsh lines.

“What’s with the new look?” Rhea asked, stepping back.

Zendaya smiled and shook her wings. “What, you don’t like?”

Myst seemed to have finally noticed the change as well. “No, it’s…wonderful.”

Zendaya nodded and smiled. “How kind. Now, shall we head in for bed? It’s rather late, is it not?” Rhea nodded, leading them to the corridor where their rooms were located. She entered the room she shared with Alexia while Zendaya joined Araminta the vampire and Myst knocked on her door.

“Nevara locked me out again…” Myst sighed and kicked down the door with the strength no one would guess she had simply by looking at her.

“Hey!” Nevara cried from inside, where she was lying on her bed with a fashion magazine.

Rhea smiled and closed her door behind her. 

The End

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