NMS ~ Chapter Seven

Zendaya opened her eyes to find herself tied by her hands to the branches of a tree. Her feet were off the ground and her shoulders were crying out in agony from being forced straight up for so long. Her head was in pain from where the magic shot had hit her and knocked her unconscious.

She looked around the clearing and saw the Darkness was still there, talking with a silvery spirit Zendaya didn’t recognize, and Nevara. She could have cursed herself for having believed in her sister. She should never have allowed herself to blindly trust Nevara.

She had caught Nevara leaving school grounds after classes for the day were cancelled. She had decided to follow her to make sure she didn’t get into any trouble. Nevara had led her deep into the forest and when she finally stopped walking, Zendaya had found herself facing a large shadowy creature. She had listened in on his conversation with Nevara for a while before getting caught. They had been talking about a plan to destroy the school and set up their own headquarters in its place.

The thing that had hurt Zendaya the most had been the fact that Nevara had turned her in.

The plans for destruction had caused such euphoria in Nevara that Zendaya had nearly cried out in pain when she felt an iron-hot burning on her left leg. Nevara had heard the noise and turned her over to the creature calling itself the Darkness.

“Ah, our guest is finally awake.” The Darkness turned to Zendaya and she recoiled from its intense stare. It was like looking into the deepest darkest cave and not ever seeing the end of it. The Darkness was made entirely of shadows and had no mouth or ears, only eyes.

“Can I have her?” the silvery spirit beside Nevara asked, desperation in her voice. “It’s so difficult to keep up this form. And inside her I’ll be able to help you, Great One.” The Darkness seemed to nod and as Zendaya watched, the spirit got an evil glint in her ice blue eyes as she turned to face Zendaya. She flew off the ground and shot straight at Zendaya’s chest. Zendaya felt an intense cold as the spirit took its hold in her mind, soul, and body.

“Bellonella, please be careful with her…” The sudden worry in Nevara’s voice was the last thing Zendaya heard as control of her body and mind were handed over to Bellonella.


The End

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