Based off a nightmare I have for weeks on end.

It’s drab. Gray. Cold. Drab. No wait. I already said that.

She was young, early twenties, perhaps. Shoulder length hair framed her face, she wore jeans and a t-shirt, a pair of scuffed up boots covering her feet.

She was staring at the ground in front of her, not noticing the dull buildings she was passing. The world around her was black and white. Everything was so plain. The buildings, the sky, the ground. Everything.

I don’t know how long she had been walking, but she seemed more than ready to reach her home. Though it seems like minutes when really it’s only been a few seconds, I continue to watch her. Suddenly, her eyes dart up and she seems so much more aware of her surroundings. With a glance over her shoulder she sees two men following her. They are completely dressed in black, there are even gloves over their hands.

She shudders when she sees that these men have no faces, or at least, they aren’t visible. What really terrifies her though, is that she can only hear two pairs of footsteps. Her own and one other.

With another glance behind her, she realized both men were walking and yet, she could only hear one of them actually making sound. It was as though the other was hovering in air, but she could see his feet touching the ground.

She looked forward again, her brow wrinkled in confusion.

I could see her chest moving quickly and her hands clench tightly into fists. She was concerned. She didn’t know who these men were, she wasn’t sure why they were following her.

Picking up her pace, she hurried on her way. Another glance over her shoulder and she saw they were still right behind her, moving just as quickly as she was.

She started to jog, they did the same. Breaking into a run, she took off as fast as she could. She just wanted to get away.

They ran down the street, past grey apartment buildings and empty shops. The faceless men didn’t even break into a sweat of start to gasp for breath.

I could see her panting, beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead.

Suddenly she’s no longer in the city, and color explodes around her. There is grass beneath her feet, the sky above her head a brilliant blue. The men are still behind her, but they aren’t alone. She’s running through a field, every one she could possibly know was standing there, watching her. She runs past them, calling out to her friends and family, begging them to help her. They all turn away, refusing to help.

Panic rises inside her, she wants to scream out at the people around her. Why won’t they help? Why are they ignoring her?

She pushed past them, hoping somewhere, maybe, she’ll find someone who will help her. She sees her best friends, her mother, a boy she used to be close to, her neighbor. All those people and not a soul would so much as look her in the eye.

She reached the end of the field, she doesn’t know what lays ahead of her. She can not stop. She’s trying to survive right now, stopping is not a question. It’s an answer. An answer she will not choose.

The ground slips out from beneath her feet. I can see the terror in her eyes as she finds herself falling. A silent scream rips from her throat and she reaches up above her, her back to the ground miles beneath her.

It does no good though, she keeps falling. And falling. And falling. She never hits the ground, never stops screaming, until suddenly, with a jerk, it’s all over. Everything is blurry and dark. The nightmare is finished.

For now.

The End

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