The rain soaked Camille to the bone as she ran through the streets. She wanted to go home, where she was safe and free from this nightmare.
“Camille... where are you my pet?” the sing song voice sent a shot of fear though her and made her run faster. He was close behind her, she could feel it. She wasn't going to let him get her again. Her body still hadn't properly healed from the last time she was in his grasp.
“Come now, aren't we too old to be playing game? You can't run forever!” He called out. He was right. As much as she wished that she could distance herself from the monster, her legs would eventually give in. So instead she hid herself in the small space between two buildings and held her breath, calming herself down. A few minutes later, she could hear footsteps approaching. Please, make him walk by and not see me. Camille chanted mentally. The footsteps slowed to a stop.
“ You've stopped running pet. Are we playing a new game?”He chuckled darkly. “ Very well, if you want to play hide and seek, let's play. Five, four, three, two, one. Ready or not, here I come!” Fear consumed her again, her heart racing. She was trapped. The only thing she could do was come out of hiding and run. Carefully, she looked out. He was looking a bit further down the alley. Taking her chance, she ran in the opposite direction. Camille heard him groan in annoyance.
“ Not this game again pet! It gets old!” She continued running turning left, right, left, right, hoping to lose him. She needed a knew hinding place, but no where was dark enough to keep her hidden. Not from him. Finally, she hit a dead end. A distraught sob escaped her body.

End of the line pet.” Camille turned around and face the thing that was after her, staring at his beautiful yet terrifying face..
“ Please, let me go,” She begged between her sobs. He shook his head.

Camille, Camille, you know I can't do that,” He said. “ You escaped me once, I won't let you do it again.” He sobs took control of Camille's body and she crumpled to the ground, her tears and rain streaking down her face.

Camille? Can you hear me? Stay with me!” A voice called out to her. The monster laughed.

And the calvary comes!” He said. “ Too bad they're too late, you're mine.” The darkness that she had been fighting off slowly surrounded Camille until she lost all feeling...


There was a complication with the tumor,” The doctor explained. “ We tried everything we could, but it was too late. I'm sorry for your loss. Camille was a bright young girl.” Camille's parents simply nodded, too shocked to say anything. She was supposed to have been in remission, but she had collapsed last night. Now Camille would never wake up.

The End

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