Her: New PlaceMature

I practically skipped down the hall, that had been really easy! Those rules wouldn't be hard to follow, and the guy would warm up after a while. I stopped suddenly, at the top of the stairs. What would my parents think about me living with a guy? I shook my head, in the end, it didn't matter, I had a place and could move out of the dingy hotel I'd been holed up in for the past few weeks, and just in time for school. I stopped by the front office to fill out the paperwork and get my keys. I'd done the same thing so many times as I'd backpacked across Europe, fill out the paperwork, get the key, then get to know the people I would be living with, of course, that was only a few weeks at a time, this would be longer. 

After the paperwork was filled out I slipped both the apartment key and my new mail key onto my key ring. I was able to move in right away because the previous tennant had already gone. Shrugging my backpack onto both shoulders I headed out front. My motorcycle, a gift from my parents when I came back from Europe, sat in one of the front parking spots. It was black and gold and had hawk wing decals along the sides, a little extra flair I had added myself. I loved flying, but to avoid the attention I settled for the next best thing. I straddled the bike and rode to the motel. 

"Hey Eddie," I greeted the clerk as I walked by. "I'm checking out this afternoon." 

"Oh sweet, you found a place?" Eddie asked, faking interest. 

"Yep, I'll be out of your hair within the hour." 

"Just bring the keys back to the counter and don't forget anything upstairs." 

"Sure thing, Eddie." I nodded and ran up the two flights of stairs. The hallway was dark and not very friendly, I'd stayed away as much as I could. My suitcase, a red duffle that had seen the world, was already packed, a trick I'd learned while traveling, always prepared to move on. I grabbed it and glanced around the small room to make sure I didn't leave anything. I dropped off the keys at the front and cleared the area, strapping the duffle onto my bike. 

Later, I stood in the "spare room" It was furnished with a simple bed and desk, a couple bedside tables and a walk-in closet. I'd have to go shopping for new bedding, hangers, a lamp or two. In time I would make the room mine, and it was now. I dropped my backpack and duffle onto the floor in the closet and turned to my new roommate, sitting at the kitchen table sketching. 

"So, Jacob," I said as a form of greeting. He didn't look up from his sketches. I cleared my throat. "So... I was going to go shopping, pick up a few things, do you want to come?"

"No, I'm working today," he said shortly. I shrugged and headed for the nearest department store. I found the decorations for my bedroom, sheets and a duvet with dark bold colors, curtains to match and a couple bright lamps. I also bought school supplies, a couple notebooks, the rest would come later. I quickly headed home to move in and prep for the school year, hopefully Nemesis would not show up before then, I could use a break. 

The End

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