Her: Giant Robot BattleMature

Two people are forced together by fate, little do they know that they are actually each other's worst enemies!

Maria rubbed her forehead, the search for a new apartment was becoming impossible. Nothing seemed to be within her price range or neighborhood. She folded up the newspaper, creasing the edges flat. Too flat; the paper tore as she picked it up. Shaking her head she tossed the paper aside. Leaning back in her seat, she looked around the quiet coffee shop. A TV was turned to a local news channel, the reporters muttering voices in the background along with a smooth jazz song. A tired young man worked the register and a gaggle of old women sat knitting in a circle of sofas.  

"Oh my, not that ruckus again," one of the old ladies quipped at the TV. The news was showing a giant robot, of all things, walking down Main Street towards city hall. 

"Quick, turn that up!" Maria called to the young man. Slowly, agonizingly so, he reached for the remote and turned up the volume. 

"-- Giant robot walking down Main Street, it seems that Nemesis will stop at nothing to get what he wants." 

"What do you want, Nemesis?" Maria muttered, turning towards the door. "Stay safe ladies!" She called to the knitting group and ran for the exit. Ducking into the alley behind the trash cans she slipped off her jeans and button-up shirt to reveal a sleek black suit, subtly armored along the chest and limbs. Slipping her clothes into her backpack she pulled a golden cape and mask from the bag. She slipped the mask over her eyes, the hawk shape transforming her face. She fastened the cape around her neck and pulled up the hood, attaching it to the mask so it wouldn't slip. Hiding the pack behind the dumpsters Maria, now Nighthawk, lifted off, her cape spreading behind her like wings. 

She could see the giant robot slowly making it's way to the Town Hall, the police had evacuated the street, leaving a barrier with police cars at both ends. The robot stood in the center of the street, in no hurry to make it to Town Hall. Nighthawk landed behind the robot. 

"Nemesis!" she called out. The robot turned, revealing Nemesis in the driver's seat. 

"Nighthawk, what a pleasant surprise," he said, his helmet hiding his face and distorting his voice. 

"Stop right now, Nemesis, or I'll--" 

"What?" Nemesis interrupted, Nighthawk gritted her teeth as he continued. "You'll fight me?" 

"I'll stop you." Nighthawk flew at the feet of the robot to throw it off balance. The robot careened forward, the top-heavy torso crashing to the ground. Just escaping the falling robot, Nighthawk ran to the side of the street, watching for Nemesis' next move. She didn't have to wait long, the robot teetered to its feet, swaying, Nemesis shook his head and hit the control panel a few times. 

"You think just tripping the robot will be enough?" He growled through his helmet. One of the robot's arms shot out and grabbed Nighthawk around the waist. It shook her like a rag doll and pinned her against one of the storefronts. The other fist reeled back, Nighthawk struggled to get free, but she was pinned. She raised her hands to shield her head as the fist zoomed closer. It crashed against the wall right next to her. Nemesis cursed the controls as he pressed a few buttons, recalibrating. 

The punch had loosened the sign of the store, some large billboard type thing, all metal panels and bars. Nighthawk grabbed the sign and crashed it onto the robot's 'head' where Nemesis sat. Nemesis flinched as the glass around him cracked, loosing his grip on the controls and causing the robot to drop Nighthawk. She landed at its feet and with a couple swift kicks to one of its ankles, the robot lost a foot. The robot tilted sideways, and Nemesis, recognizing that his robot wasn't working out for him, ejected from the cockpit. 

Nemesis strolled to the center of the street, pulling out a mechanized rifle of some sort, Nighthawk adjusted her cape so it blew out dramatically behind her, just a little flair for the moment, and put up her hands, ready to fight it out. 

The End

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