The Hate

As they ran, jumping from rooftop to rooftop at incredible speeds, the wind playing with the hair on their heads like possessed limbs, memories continued to flash before Matthew's eyes.

He saw things mundane, improbable and impossible. There were men with red eyes that seemed to glow in darkness. Then there were images of these same men fighting massive beasts. It was slightly smaller than a bear, but undeniably a wolf.

It changed and swirled, and then he was seeing a woman. My wife. he thought as his breathe caught in his throat. Wait, I'm not married... It only took him a moment to guess it must be the old man's wife.

"James! Please don't!" the woman begged. There were tears threatening to spill over. "There has to be another way! The hospital is only - " His hand shot out and wrapped itself around her neck. She struggled and tried to yell, but her constricted throat wouldn't allow her. And then his aching fangs found her soft neck, and he gorged himself.

The images mercifully stopped, and once again Matthew was overcome with the urge to puke, but the violent reaction just wouldn't come. He was ready to slam his fist into the tiled roof under him when someone caught his hand. It was the old man. James.

"That would be most unwise." the man said in the voice a parent speaks to their child with.

When Matthew looked up to him, he expected him to see the malice on his face. His hatred. Matthew wanted to see what that would do to him. But the fear, the shock, was not what he was expecting. James dropped his hand, and in the blink of an eye the other 3 vampires had placed themselves between the two, ready to fight.

"You see!" the female yelled. "I told you we should have killed him! I told you!"

As he looks from one vampire to the next, he is left completely bewildered. What on earth is going on!? He grows angrier still, the tingles settling into his fingertips. His fangs burn, and his vision narrows.

His head feels a little light, but he can still fight. He has to fight!

"Bite him!" James yelled. "He's got too much blood! He's going to turn over!"

Matthew's vision grew darker, and his head a little lighter. I feel like I've been drugged. he thinks. But I can't let this... this... this what?

He tried too look around. His body wouldn't respond.

The End

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