V.A. Meeting

Nearly passed out, Matthew stood hunched over in an alley. He had run faster then any human had a right to run, and suspected he'd gone nearly 5 miles before he felt sick again. He panted, wanted to throw up, and wanted to cry. But all he could do was stand there, panting, replaying the scene in his mind.

It had been easy. So easy. He just chased after her, jumped, and bit down. The hunt had been euphoric, and that was even before he tasted the blood! Oh god, the blood! It had been so good!

He gagged again, finally wiping the drying blood from his face so he could at least stop smelling more. Making him hunger. Making his throat burn.

A woman's screech made him jump. "DIE!!!" He flitted to the other side of the alley as a fist crashed into and through the brick he had been standing in front of. The woman pulled her fist from the rubble, and before he could move he was sailing through the air.

He collided with a trash can, molding the shape of his body into the metal. He got to his feet as his attacker rushed toward him again. He jumped, several times higher then he ever had before, and lands silently behind her.

"Stop!" a voice yelled, reverberating through the small space. Three male vampires jumped silently from the rooftops, landing between Matthew and his assailant.

"He's a half-blood!" she yelled. "And he has recently drank the blood of a human! I believe the rules are very clear on what we are to do."

"Not as clear as you seem to think." the man in the middle of the trio said. He seemed a great deal older than the others. "He must be tested first, see if he knows of his wrong doings."

"How can he not know what he has done!?" the female yelled.

"As you said, he is a half-blood. From the smell, he's been turned within the last week. But, I suppose we shall vote. All in favor of tearing him limb from limb and setting him on fire, say I."

"I!" the female exclaimed. The rest were silent.

"Very well then." the middle man said as he flitted to just in front of Matthew.  He could smell the man's breath, which was similar to a mix of honey and ginger.

"What are you doing?" Matthew stammered as he backed away, but not before the man's icy cold hand had a vice-like grip on his wrist.

In less than the blink of an eye, two searing rods of pain plunged into Matthew's forearm. He felt sure the man was intending on killing him. He yelled as loud as he could, but the hand of one of the other two vampires clasped around his mouth.

Then, mercifully, the pain stopped. He had expected it to hurt him for a long time to come, but once the fangs had been removed it felt as if nothing had happened. There weren't even any marks where the man had bitten.

The hand left his mouth, favoring a hold on his shoulder instead. The older man looked deeply into Matthew's eyes, before a wrinkly smile twitched at his lips which were stained with Matthew's blood.

"He lives, but he comes with us." the man announced. "Go on back to the house you two, I'll be there in a minute."

The two figures jumped to the rooftop and were gone as quickly as they had come. Matthew waited a moment before he pleaded with the man. "I don't know who you are. I'm sorry if I did something wrong, I just -"

"I know, I know." the man said. "It could take me a hundred years to explain to you some of these things, so instead." he stopped mid sentence and rolled back his sleeve. It was then Matthew noticed that the man's fingernails were very long and filled to a point. They reminded him more of claws than fingernails. But that was exactly as the old man intended to use them.

He dragged the long nail over his wrist, blood instantly coming to the surface. "Drink." he said as he offered it to him. The scent assaulting Matthew's new senses was horrendous; the man's blood smelled like sewage. Yet, that little voice in his head was telling him to comply. But could he really trust the voice? It, after all, had made him a killer. A monster.

"Today, Matthew." the man seethed. And so he did. His new fangs plunged into the wrist of the old man. The taste was no better than the smell, but for some reason he still got the same euphoric feeling, even if it wasn't as strong.

The one big difference he noticed was that he could feel it in his body, like ice crawling through his veins. But everywhere the ice reached, he felt stronger. As if this vampire blood were the ultimate steroid, enhancing his strength and agility. And when the ice crawled into his head...

A million images flashed before his eyes. There were epic battles, thousands of vampires on either side. And animals... running. Images of things he believed impossible were shown to him. A man changed into a wolf, falling from at least twenty stories without injury, stalking silently through the forest, creatures enveloped in shadows running through the night.

Then they were gone, and he was back in the alley, the old man had pulled him away from his arm. The images were still scattered behind his lids, and slowly memories came to him. Memories not of his own.

Matthew looked up to him in astonishment. "What was that?"

The old man only laughed. "The memories will be fully formed in a minute or so. Give it time. Now if you would come with us?"

The man that had been holding him flitted behind the old man.

An image came to him then. It was a wooden door with what looked like the letters 'V' and 'A' next to each other with drops of blood coming off either side.

"What's the V.A. door?" Matthew asked as the memory wouldn't quite congeal.

The old man laughed again. "Vampires Anonymous meeting. That's where we're taking you."

The End

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