The Hunt begins...

As a full moon bathed the city in its light, one figure made a mad dash through the city, sprinting with unholy speed. A vampire glinted across the abandoned street, the wolf-like creature keeping pace with ease. The vampire's razor fangs glinted in the moonlight. The moon was terrifying sight, a signal to every vampire that he was out hunting.

How many times was I warned? The vampire thought. He had never heeded the warning of his fellow vampires. Now he would pay the consequences. He turned and ran into a dark alley, only to find that it led to a dead- end. As panic began to spread throughout his body, a low growl caused his heartbeat to rapidly increase. He turned around and came face to face with a large, black furred wolf. It growled at him before howling, transforming into a tall, native man. His bronze skin seemed to glow as he glared at the vampire with his brown eyes. A single breeze of wind blew through his long, raven black hair when he spoke.

"You vampires have gotten careless," he said, his voice like the deep growling of a wolf. "To think, we once acknowledged your kind as a dangerous prey. Ha!" Suddenly the man's eyes began to widen he gripped his head, his body beginning to grow hair at an alarming rate. The vampire stood rooted to his spot, fear taking over as a large, black furred wolf howled into the night.

"Wakanda!" the vampire whispered. The great wolf, the night hunter, one of the greatest lycans to walk the earth stared at the vampire hungrily with his golden eyes before growling and leaping towards him. The vampire backed away in fear, the last thing he saw was the horrible canine fangs of the werewolf open, saliva dripping from it.

As Matthew ran through the city, blood dripping from his cheek, a single blood curdling scream halted his mad dash. He stopped and listened, his spine beginning to tingle as the victorious howl of a wolf filled the night.

Wakanda wiped the blood from his mouth. He gazed down at the vampire corpse laying in front of him. He wiped his hand on its blood stained shirt, a large claw mark running across its chest and a bloody bite mark present on its neck. Wakanda glanced at the body again before pulling out a large stake from his pocket. He proceeded to plunge it into the vampire's heart. "Just in case." Wakanda said to himself. He sighed. Vampire hunting had been less thrilling then it had before. The vampries now were half-bloods, most still astounded about their new found powers. He had hunted vampires for as long as he could remember, spanning a history among his were-wolf brethren and vampire enemies as an efficient, blood thristy and ruthless hunter, stalking his prey to the ends of the earth.

However, there was one  half blood vampire that had eluded his capture. Although he didn't know her name, Wakanda knew this vampiress had infected more humans than any other vampire, with the exception of the first vampire himself, his name remembered only through folklore. "One day, I will find those two that have eluded me. And I will kill them!" Wakanda yelled. Once the last vampire had been killed, he could rest. He could raise his soul into the heavens and finally be reunited with his wife and son, knowing that the world and generation of werewolves were safe.

Suddenly another scent stabbed at his nostrils. Although it wasn't as strong as his were-wolf senses, his human senses had developed far past a regular one's. Another one? Wakanda thought. He sighed once more. Another vampire was present, and he assumed he would have to kill it. He grabbed his head in pain once more, his hair growing rapidly, his mouth beginning to transform into a large, furry snout. He growled and flashed his razor sharp fangs, howling at the moon while his lupine features began to take full affect. In the place of the bronze skinned man stood a large, jet-black wolf. It's golden eyes glaring at the moon as it let out another howl. The hunt begins anew! Wakanda's subconscious thought as the wolf bounded up a building, leaping form rooftop to rooftop in search of the vampire.


The End

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