What happened? was his first thought. He was gazing up at the black sky. He remembered the party, then he got lost and wound up in a ghetto neighborhood.

He shot upright. Had he been jumped? He checked himself over, but the only thing he could find was that his shirt was dirty.

But he felt different. More... alive. Like an adrenaline rush, but stronger. The alley he was in had somehow gotten brighter, though he couldn't see any kind of light. Maybe his eyes had simply adjusted?

Something was coming back to him. There had been a woman. She had asked him something. Then... pain. So much it made his knees weak to think about. Where'd she go? he wondered.

He looked around in all different directions, but there was no sign of her.

He could hear voices carrying from the street. Odd, considering the hour. It had been late when he left the party, and he had no idea how long it had been since then. He started walking toward them when the most wonderful smell pulled his thoughts away.

It made the back of his throat burn and his mouth run dry. It also had the odd effect of making his two top canine teeth hurt.

He rounded a corner onto another alley like the one he had been on, but there was a half open door that led into a dance club, the music spilling into the night at such a volume his ears felt like they'd burst. He took a long smell of the area, and felt sure it was coming from the club.

The door slammed open the rest of the way, and a girl with a red flush to her cheeks walked out stumbling over her own feet. She was walking towards him, but hadn't even seemed to notice. It was then Matthew noticed he was holding his breathe.

As he let the air flow back in, the smell was so strong it was nearing excruciating. And it seemed to be coming from the drunk, giggling girl stumbling toward him. It was still making his teeth hurt too, which he thought was strange.

He wanted to say hello, but normally he wouldn't be able to get the words out of his mouth. But tonight he felt different, like a new person. Reborn. He walked right up to her and stared into her eyes. "Hey."

She just stared, half shocked and half amazed, though never looking away. Why's she looking at me like that?

Her jaw went a little slack. "Hey." She took another step closer to him, though this time it was definitely on purpose.

Something in the back of his mind was guiding him. It was almost as if he instinctually knew exactly what to say. They talked for a minute or so. Or, he talked and she ogled at him.

She got a little closer to him again. "Would you walk me home? I only live a block or so from here, and I don't want to walk around here at night."

"Of course, I don't mind." Matthew agreed. He reached out a hand to take hers, and she accepted. But when their hands touched, they each shot their hands back in shock. Her hand is burning hot!

But with that touch, a little electric shock stimulated that instinct that had been telling him what to do. And right now, it was telling him to get closer.

The problem was, she was running. She started screaming. But something made Matthew run right after her, and he was on her in less then a second. His own speed had surprised him, but his mind was forced away from that. Before he even knew what he was doing, he had closed his eyes and his aching teeth had found her neck.

A warm liquid was pouring into his mouth. It was the most delicious thing he had tasted in his life! This had to have been the smell from earlier. He opened his eyes...

He jumped back and felt like he was going to throw up, but nothing ever came. He had been standing over the woman, two gaping holes on her neck gushing blood. It was dripping down his chin, making a thumping noise as it hit the ground.

What the hell is going on here?

He ran away, back the way he had come, forgetting to wipe the blood from his mouth. Again, his own speed surprised him, and he let his feet take him where they may.

The End

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