Staggering home after a party, Matthew gets lost and winds up in a bad neighborhood. People stare as he goes by, and he finds himself in an alley with a beautiful woman who says she wants to help him. Then something happens, he doesn't quite know what. But when a new found instinct takes over, and he starts drinking blood, he wonders... what happened to him?

I'm lost.

Matthew was wondering down a dark street, different eyes watching him as he walked by. He wasn't in a good neighborhood, and this certainly was not the way he had come.

He was sobering quickly, though the alcohol was still in his system. A rat ran out from under some trash on the side of the street as he passed. Gotta love New York.

The wind blew and he shivered. It was so cold tonight. And not a light to be seen.

He noticed he wasn't alone anymore; there were footsteps following him. He didn't look back, but instead spotted a little alley up ahead. He hoped he was just being paranoid.

The sound had died away before he ever got to the turn and he breathed a sigh of relief. He ran a hand through his hair and leaned against the cool brick.

"Never seen you around here before." Matthew jumped. A woman laughed softly from the other end of the alley, completely invisible in the blackness. "Lost?" she inquired.

"Yeah, I was at this party, and - "

She laughed again, a sound like a tinkling bell. "You drank, you got lost, happens all the time. Need a ride home?" She walked a little closer to him out of the deep shadows. She was wearing a brilliant classy white dress, all except he V-cut neckline that was scarlet.

Matthew knew, somewhere deep in the back of his mind, that something was going on. But at the forefront was a tired, drunk man starring at a beautiful woman who had just asked if he needed a ride.

He gave her a crooked smile. "I'd appreciate it."

"Come on then." she waved. He closed the distance between them, and once they were close enough the woman draped an arm around him and gently pulled him closer.

This is too good to be true! he was mentally shorting. They started walking back toward where she had been, into the dark shadows away from the rows of houses and other people.

A sharp pain stabbed at his neck. Like white hot steel spears being plunged into his skin. He tried to yell but his voice caught in his throat. And then... blackness.

The End

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