Chapter 3


                “Nice to have you back, Vic.” Chris said as we got our food.

            “Nice to be back” I replied as I walked to the table where the guys were already eating.Act natural!I thought to myself.

            “Can you believe they scheduled the first day of school on a Friday?” I said sitting down

            “So you use to live here?” Jeremy asked obviously not fazed by the other subject.

            “Born, raised, and trained. I lived here until about two years ago.” I answered.

            “So why did you leave?” Colt asked

            “It’s a long story” I answered keeping my eyes on the plate in front of me.

            “It’s probably a cult.” Colt said jokingly. He and Jeremy burst out laughing.

            “Who is she?” Daniel asked interrupting their hysterics.


            “That girl. The one with the tattoos.” He said looking at me.

            “Her name is Anabel. She’s the commander and leader.” I said proudly.

            “Dude, you take orders from a chick!” Colt burst out laughing hysterically again.

            “Yeah, well she can kick your ass and make you think you kicked your own ass.” I said trying not to laugh.

            “She treats you differently than the others.” Daniel said

            “She and I have a special bond.”

            “So you two….” Colt trailed off.

            “I believe it’s time for me to show you to your rooms.” I said standing up



            “The three of you each have your own room complete with internet, cable TV, mini-fridge and bathroom. I’ll see y’all in the morning.” I said walking back down the hall.

            “Victor?” Daniel called as he came up behind me.

            “Yeah” I replied.

            “Did you two..?” His voice trailed off but his eyes told me what he wanted to know.

            “No.” The look on his face told me he was relieved.

            “Well, good night then.” He turned and walked to his room.

            “What was that all about?” I asked myself as I walked down the hallway to her room.



Knock! Knock!

            “Come in.” I heard her sweet angelic voice call. I opened the door to see her already dressed for bed. She was sitting on her silk blanket, brushing her hair and watching some horror movie. I couldn’t help but to laugh.

            “Where have you been?” She asked in a suddenly cold voice.

            “I had to wait on the guys to get done eating so I could…?”

            “I wasn’t talking about that. Where have you been for the last two years, Victor?” She spat my name like it was something vile. By now she was standing up. Her eyes burned with an angry fire.

            I hung my head in shame. I don’t deserve to be standing in her presents.

            “I’m sorry. I’ll go now.” I said solemnly as I turned to leave.

            “Victor, wait.” She grabbed my arm to turn me back around.”Please don’t go.”

            “I’m so sorry.” I pleaded on the brink of tears.

            “So tell me, Love, how sweetly sings my songbird?” She said holding my cheek in her hand and rubbing her thumb across my lips. The feeling made me shiver. I held her cheek in my hand.

            “As sweet as your smile and the beat of your heart as well as the glow in your eyes.” I replied trying to hold back the urge to kiss her. We were so close that all I had to do was pull her forward. Just a heart beat before our lips met, a woman screamed in terror from the movie.

            “You know you’re gonna have nightmares if you keep watching those.” I laughed

            “No I won’t. My guardian will protect me.” She laughed crawling into bed. She pulled back the covers beside her and patted the bed, wanting me to lay down with her. I walked over to lie down beside her. Immediately, she curled herself around me as I wrapped my arms around her.

            “I missed you.” She whispered against my chest half-asleep.

            “Oh, Anabell” I moaned softly as I pulled her tighter against me. I drifted to sleep with memories of her laugher running softly through my head.

The End

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